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And she has since dumped her boyfriend after showing pictures of herself with one of her wealthy lovers. Which leads to the next issue Truth be told though, the personals section of Craigslist has always been a breeding ground for criminal activity and over the last three years or so one could argue that there weren't even any real people posting in there anymore.

Now with no where else to go, the amount of sex crime realted incidents will surely increase putting these ladies in harms way.

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She said the flings have led to her being whisked away on expensive breaks all over Europe by a series of handsome suitors. I think it is all down to the porn they watch all the time on their phones.

She romped with a rich married stockbroker 10 years older than her — but the fling led to her developing a taste for Illicit encounters dating website.

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It has been a well know fact that although still a very dangerous profession, prostitution became somewhat safer with the advent of the internet since it actually kept ladies off the streets. On top of that, law enforcements presence on the site was widespread.

I've had it with men of my own age. She met the cheating husbands through a dating site designed specifically for people who want to have affairs. A simple google search for "craigslist bust" will show you just how widespread we are talking. Unlike craigslist, profiles are reviewed continously for illicit activity which makes it a much safer place for men and women to go to find one another for good ol' fashioned casual sex.

He is a lawyer who doesn't believe in monogamy - he finds it impossible to stay faithful to any woman. This new law would open up Craigslist to a flurry of law suits if they did nothing.

I had dozens and dozens of good looking and incredibly rich older men desperate to take me out. Recommended Site - Married Dating UK - Illicit Enc

Sting operations were taking place in at least one city every single day. He is typical of men my own age — none of them can be trusted and they have no respect for women. This is just a case of pure lust. Pair that with the accountabilty one has when joining a dating website, the shutting down of the craigslist personals section may at least give the ordinary average men and women who innocently want to have casual sex a safer and more productive online sexual experience.

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I've got a taste for richer older men now and I don't think I will be able to stop - and they are all men who wanted to embark on affairs before I came along. In the end I chose a stockbroker in his mids 30s who lived in London — he was married but had an open relationship with his wife.

I am one of several women he sees. It made me realise just how immature men my own age really are - and also how skint they are. His wife had cheated on him early on in their relationship and he had never properly got over it and had had a few affairs of his own.

Most of the ads were for escorts, prostitutes, hookers, cam girls, sex toys sales and a whole slew of other questionable activity. He is a lot of fun and works in property. The up side to this, is the fact that sites like http: He joined the site when their marriage was going through a bit of rocky patch.

One could argue that with the closing of the craigslist personals section, many sexual predators were actually spared from getting arrested since now there is almost no place left on the Illicit encounters dating website to solicite for sex which may unfortunately lead many men johns to head to the streets in search of ladies of the night.

Lacey admits she loves rich, older men 11 ways to tell your partner is cheating on you How to spot a cheat: They don't want to split up just yet but are keen to sleep with other people discreetly.

Lacey's plan to get revenge on her cheating boyfriend ended up with her becoming one Public revenge on cheating ex's Being cheated on in a relationship can be devastating, but these people found interesting ways to get revenge on their exes.

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Lacey, from Guildford in Surrey, said: He has been with her for 12 years and I think they are both realising that they were too young to settle down.

But he realised that he wanted to make a go of it with his wife and I am glad to say he has patched up his marriage. Now she seeks out other wealthy adulterous husbands for affairs after being lavished with gifts, and has since had illicit romances with three other man. Lacey Jay says she is now addicted to cheating The wealthy widow who's had affairs with more than men Sexy ex-model Gweneth Lee uses the IllicitEncounters.