Year-Old Japanese Pop Idol Confirms Pregnancy With Manager Year-Old Japanese Pop Idol Confirms Pregnancy With Manager

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Personal struggles and Girls Beat!! From to Kago participated in the annual Hello! We send our congratulations to the expecting couple! Sadly, the singer has drawn the ire of many idol netizens for her secret relationship and pregnancy.

Her agency released a statement claiming that while they dated, they were not a couple. Since beginning a relationship with Ando, Kago cancelled several jobs at the last minute, causing her agency to suspend her activities.

In Japan and South Korea, idols are very closely monitored by their agencies and expected to be paragons of exemplary behavior.

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The record was eventually broken by Ashrita Furman in September Despite this, she participated in a live performance and opened a separate blog without permission.

Under the arrangement of their agency, Kago and Tsuji formed a new pop duo, Wreleasing two albums and six singles together.

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The singer left the group last October, and she told fans she had an exciting announcement to make earlier in December. Relationships and family[ edit ] During Kago's house arrest inher parents divorced.

On her blog, she described the book as "a book where I talk to young teens about their various troubles and dreams.

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If you are not familiar with idol culture, then you should know an announcement such as this is a rare one. Not long ago, an year-old high school idol confirmed on Twitter that she is expecting her first child with her manager, and fans are freaking out. Idol dating scandal the release of their seventh single and their third album, W3: On June 9, Ando was arrested on domestic violence charges stemming from an incident in May 12 where he allegedly shoved and kicked Kago in their home in Roppongi, leaving her Hook up driving lights injuries that took ten days to heal.

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Planning to revive her music career, she formed an idol group, which was later named Girls Beat!! All Stars in The record appeared in the and editions of the Guinness Book of World Records.

During this time, she was not allowed to have contact with Tsuji or any of the other members from her agency, and she was caught smoking again during her probation period.

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Asuka Kiraboshi announced on social media she is expecting her first child with her year-old manager via ANN. The singer confirmed she has been dating her manager for the last two years, and she intends to carry on her work as an idol.

During her stay, she met people who encouraged her, including Winona Ryder[10] and was able to reflect on her situation. In SeptemberAndo was arrested for alleged extortion and claiming to have connections with the yakuza.

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Their recording debut was in the group's ninth single " Happy Summer Wedding ". She was 15 at the time the photos were taken. Mizumoto's wife, Asato, sued them both, stating that she had proof of the affair and that it was the cause for her pending divorce. Project shuffle units 3-nin Matsuri inHappy 7 inSalt5 inand H.