Aimee Carson (Author of The Wedding Dress Diaries) Aimee Carson (Author of The Wedding Dress Diaries)

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He needed The Boss blaring on the stereo, drowning out the turmoil in his head. Her shoulder-length dark hair framed a delicate face that housed beautiful brown eyes. When he finally managed to straighten up, he got a view of her willowy body wrapped in a cool sundress the color of the sky in springtime.

Could be just an urban legend though.

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Select 'OK' to continue using our products, otherwise, you will not be able to access our sites and apps. Cutter turned and walked past shelves of car parts and tools, heading in the direction of a utility sink in the corner.

Outside of setting a spectacular example of how to destroy the single good thing in your life, what did he have to offer the public now? And now Maddie and I both got us a ring. But the actual moment of bumping Chester—and fortunately, the crash itself—were a blank.

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Blood dripped from his knuckles onto his T-shirt.

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Cutter stared at the lady. And then he spies Chester to his left. Ignoring her proximity, and after pulling out the dipstick, he used the rag wrapped around his mashed knuckles to check the level.

Everyone knew Chester had it coming. The KISS line debuts in February ofand the first book in this continuity mine, which has yet to receive a title will be published in July.

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And feeling every one of his injuries as if they were fresh. The Eagles player made his relationship with Oberg, a former intern with Madison of Hope: Too bad the rest was blocked by the bottom of the car.

Think holiday blizzard, sexy heroes, sassy heroines, and hot, sensual nights! Toward the last months of their marriage, Steve had withdrawn, spending more and more time tinkering with his boat.