What Makes A Successful Speed Dating Event? What Makes A Successful Speed Dating Event?

How to run a successful speed dating event, stay in touch

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You are likely to need a large amount of floor space, too. A yenta, or a Dolly Levi, I shall never be. If you show up expecting a freak show, you will meet a sideshow act.

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If you approach your encounters mindfully, you may find a rare common interest or a shared passion. The divorce rates among married couples are also high, leading to more people in need of a companion or life partner.

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Let me tell you, the women had a hard time seeing my side of this story. Make a Detailed Business Plan The first step before you start your speed dating business is to develop a meticulous business plan. And although the men were as friendly and talkative as I had hoped they would be, the majority of them thought it appropriate to tell their dates that they were attending for free.

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Create a website that is specifically for speed dating and have it set up where your clients can use Paypal to pay for events in advance. It is a good idea to give yourself three to four weeks in order to locate a venue, advertise, and to get things organized.

How to Start a Speed Dating Business written by: I think that for a successful speed-dating event keeping the event on time is in fact, the main attraction! Prompt timing has and always will be very important to us- we ensure that our events start and finish on time, each and every time.

You do not want to have senior citizens show up if you have primarily advertised to college students.

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Have them complete a registration form with contact information, email address, their real name, and Alias if using one for matching purposes. Connect with Venue Owners You should negotiate discounted rates with a few venue owners such as restaurants, banquet halls or other commercial places where your speed dating events can be organized.

I was a fan of the eight-minute date because that is what worked for me. Although it might not be right for you, I think speed-dating represents the essence of why we date, despite our pasts, despite our disappointments.

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I spent more time researching dates for these women than I ever did for myself. Marketing Your Speed Dating Service You need to promote your business in pockets where the maximum number of singles is expected.

Determine the Business Model The speed dating business is usually conducted by creating events and social get-togethers and inviting singles to interact with other people.

When the allotted time is up, the host will ring a buzzer or bell signifying that it is time to move to the next date. In addition to creating a pleasant and playful environment, a successful speed dating event will strengthen your restaurant's reputation and improve the likelihood of drawing first time or repeat customers.

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Exchanges of pictures, videos, and online chats can be conducted between interested singles. Only one man was registered. The day it was posted online was the day it sold out for women.

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Is it one that generates the most money? The business plan should include what will be your target market in terms of geographical territory.

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