How soon is too soon to move in together? | Metro News How soon is too soon to move in together? | Metro News

How soon after dating should you move in together,

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A year apart seemed like a long time, so we took the plunge. My other half snores like a plane engine, which took some getting used to.

Once couples shacked up, 63 percent said they rarely have a night with just their friends, and 58 percents said weekends are spent staying home with their S.

Rebecca Reid Thursday 6 Apr 5: My lease was up, so we could either move in together straight away or wait another year.

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And 32 percent said moving in together helped them realize they had found "the one. Tom Merton via Getty Images It's the age-old question that consistently plagues couples: Liberty Antonia Sadler for Metro.

And though 27 percent of respondents said they moved in together within less than six months of dating, only seven percent of people surveyed recommended doing that.

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It was at least partially made by the London rental market. Maybe our newness was what carried us through that adjustment period. What's the right time to say "I do Will it cost me money?

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Practicality was at the heart of our decision. Was it all butterflies and rainbows?

But our big romantic choice? Crumbs and sleepless night were less important than buying new bed linen and rearranging our furniture.

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So you can see why, when I started talking about finding a flat together after just a few months, people were a bit horrified. But, those little things came to the surface while we were still high on that honeymoon glow.