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Miscarried 2 weeks after he passed. I wish I would have hugged him and told him I loved him more. There will be questions about your relationship, your job, your finances, your health and your drug and alcohol consumption.

I do count myself as blessed to ever have known him. Instead, I came home to him on the floor, unresponsive and cold. Well, Olivia's natural birth took its toll; I didn't have the courage to have sex again for three months, which might sound like a long time, but when you're exhausted and feeding a newborn every night, it doesn't feel like very long at all.

This is a six week series which includes videos plus couple prayer experience handouts. People say I will be with him one day. I have tried to explain to Dad that I am not comfortable with this but he seems to not care.

I watched a vital, hardworking man go from loving life to a scared, pain filled man.

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I would gladly give up all those dreams just to have him back here with me. God bless you and guide you through all that comes after the loss of a loved one.

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But after the birth of Leo, I was back in my husband's bed quicker than you could imagine. Since than I have gone into a blanket mode. No words can help me.

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One friend of mine was even offered cosmetic surgery to deal with saggy breasts and a less-than-toned midriff. Every day I ask God why bring us together then have us separated this way.

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I will love him until my dying day. Bubba Smith, the American football star who found fame on screen playing Hightower in the Police Academy movies, has died at the age of I try and talk with family, but I start crying and it just does not work. If you explain beautifully, a woman does not look to see whether you are handsome or not -- but listens more, so you can win her heart.

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I feel like I can't breathe. I feel empty not knowing at times what to do, for everything I did was for him. They will search for someone to blame. I just cannot seem to cope with my pain. I feel so empty and even though there are many friends and family around - I've never felt so alone in all my life.

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