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Houston defeated Steve Lombardi in the dark match at the Royal Rumble but was unable to move past lower level competition.

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I knew cooking was what I loved to do. In Jim Pappas's sons joined the family business, eventually opening their first restaurant, the Strawberry Patch, which later became Pappas Bros.

BBQ opened somewhat by accident. Seeing several vehicles hit by gunfire ditched near shooting scene. Take it or leave it. They also began shipping their now-famous pecan pies in the signature pine boxes.

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Back in the kitchen, Johnny Carrabba and his staff are putting the finishing touches on the back of the house, finalizing every detail and making sure the space is perfect for the grand opening the following day.

One serious at Ben Taub Suspect is deceased. Though Vallone himself no longer owns these places, he wants to make one thing clear: Instead the district was forced to try to influence electoral contests involving candidates from other neighborhoods.

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In the Pappases opened the first Pappas Seafood House. Houston dating scene also dropped the "Gulf Coast Kitchen" part of the name, making the restaurant simply Tony Mandola's. Nazi emblems found among man's personal effects He graduated from Sam Houston State University along with his cousins Tony and Damian Mandola, and the trio weren't quite sure what to do with themselves after college.

One of them would sleep on the picnic bench outside, and the other one would sleep near the pit on a cot or on a chest freezer. Mandola and their friend Ray Hay.

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And they'd have to lay off half the staff during the summer because they didn't have air-conditioning and no one wanted hot, heavy food in the summer. In he appeared sporadically, although he wrestled Jerry Sags in the dark match of the Royal Rumble.

Her children, the Mandolas, have opened some of the most successful restaurants in the town's history. The corner of Montrose and Westheimer was the site of regular demonstrations against the Vietnam War.

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All of our parents were great cooks, and all of us ended up in the restaurant business. You could make a living servicing a two-block area. They hauled it back to Texas, jazzed it up with some mosaic tiles and Armadillo Palace was born.

In the father-son team opened Armadillo Palace next to the original Goode Co. He said the emblems may have been collector's items.

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El Tiempo thrived, and it now has five locations around Houston, including one right next to the original Ninfa's on Navigation.

We had a line out Houston dating scene door every Friday and Saturday night. Dad would always come home smelling like the kitchen. Houston Fire Department Fire Station 16 serves the area.

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His father ran the store, called Patrenella's Grocery, and the family lived in a small apartment behind it until, inhis father built the bungalow that today houses Patrenella's Restaurant, and the family moved in there.