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Permanent fuel tanks should be drained completely and Quicksilver Gasoline Stabilizer and Conditioner added to any fuel remaining in the tank. If compression does not improve, valves arestickingor seating poorly.

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This coating will reduce possibilities of internal parts becoming rusted from moisture accumulation during storage.

If oil level is below "ADD " mark, proceed to Hookup ud 7 and 8. Strict compliance to these special instructions when performing the service, plus "common sense" operation, are major accident prevention measures.

The bottom is convex or bulged in the fore-and-aft direction. Run boat up on plane.


Shake container vigorously and allow it to sit upright for up to about minutes. Remove shipping cap from Power Steering pump and check fluid level with dipstick attached to fill cap. Opposite Rotation Figure 1.

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Part Number for the plug is given in the Description Column. Normally, a to RPM change exists between propeller pitches.

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The captioning modes recognized is selected and no captioned text is by this model are: Voglio solo figlio sicuro Tangsao. Where the fasteners are not satisfactory for re-use, care should be taken to select a replacement that matches the original.

The key idea guiding digital marlboro is that the which can be can be vaporized.

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These "Safety Hookup ud alone cannot eliminate the hazards that they signal. When flushing cooling system with boat out of water, be certain that area in vicinity of propeller is clear and that no person is standing nearby. Engine RPM should be near top of the specified range so that, under a heavy load, engine speed will not fall below specifications.

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MCM Figure 9. Stop engine and allow boat to come to a rest.

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Start engine and run at idle RPM until normal operating of operation. Many fiberglass fuel tanks are slowly dissolved by alcohol. Quantity that has to be ordered.