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I have no idea what happened- they just lost satellites and no amount of programming or resetting would help. Installation To begin installation, place the vehicle tracking device under the dashboard at the base of the windshield optimal device placement.

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They look like Hookup tracker computer mouse and have 12 parallel tracking channels. Try to mount it in the rear deck of your car if you can.

It was looking for circuit power on pin 6 of the laptop. Some of their services include live equipment tracking and car tracking monitored via computer or mobile device like the Apple iPhone iOS and Droid OS mobile platform.


This is the cleanest source of power for the device. I think they are the same The Motorola is built like Hookup tracker tank.

I've never noticed any degradation of signal. It has a plain front without display, is PC programmable, and mine has 4 channels. Boy did that ammo box bring on the stares when I carried it on to the airplanes! Interestingly enough, It did fine on voice.

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It is a bit larger than a Weller soldering gun case. LED readout a power hog.

How to Install a Hardwired GPS Tracker

Many business clients prefer to have fleet tracking systems installed where the device is hidden from view of their drivers. It had all 9 pin connectors, so I had to change the TNC plug.

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It works great and looks unobtrusive when carrying on to the plane. While it still may function in areas where strong wireless data coverage is available, in areas with limited wireless coverage your device will be unable to communicate.

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It has one channel. I have it programmed for It also makes a nice TNC for use with a laptop. Yes, Peter drives all over the place, but always has his setup in his truck. This great if you want to plug it into a PC and use it with Street Atlas. The KPC-3 made a nice tracker.

Worked pretty well, but poor RX sensitivity.

If you use the Motorola, folks will be pointing and trying to tell you that you left your gas cap on the car roof or trunk.

I hope it provides a bit of information to those contemplating building their own. As far as receiving goes- the 6 channel parallel tracking receiver beat the old single channel scanning Garmin by a country mile! There you have it: I have the PC version.