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Give yourself and your family the security and peace of mind that they deserve. The system consists of two basic components: To install simply hook the special rubber "fork" around the door knob and tap the bottom rubber gripper towards the door until it is snug.

What's the world coming to? Today a 13 year old likel;y wouldn't take the job and if they would as parents we wouldn't allow them out all night.

Their castings poop help to neutralize soil pH, make more basic minerals and nutrients available to plants and stimulate microbial populations in the soil. Works on any door. You must supply switching and power.

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That's a lot of poop, and a lot of soil enrichment! OC Grenade not included.

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Installs easily on any window. There is also a movement sensor with adjustable sensitivity to activate the alarm if tampered with. Worms enhance this vital resource, all at no charge to the farmers and gardeners who grow our food.

When laid out in proper patterns, it can force attackers to advance into your pre-selected zones if desired. OC grenade is not included.

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It operates on 12 volts DC and draws 1. This re-useable device is activated by a trip wire, which fires a 12 gauge signal. Uses one 9-volt battery.

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Perfect for adding extra security to your own front door, or keeping unwanted visitors out. There are even people out there spending money researching ways to reduce worm castings on "amenity" grasslands. Made in the U.

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The standard system that we sell consists of one sensor and one receiver only, however many additional sensor units and receiver units may be added as required to customize your system since all are compatible with each other.

I picked commercially on golf courses.

Black Sold in spools of ft. Everyone who earns money from the fertility of the soil owes a little to worms of one sort or another. The receiver has a volume control for the alarm and a terminal board connection for connection of an optional external siren a loud db siren with a 10 ft.

Additional sensor and receiver units are sold separately.

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I also had a crayfishbox and a frog box. Made from Spectra, this low stretch line offers an amazing 90 lbs of breaking strength even though it is only slightly thicker than conventional dental floss!

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