Vacuum-Condensate Return Pump Series VCD - Xylem Applied Water Systems - United States Vacuum-Condensate Return Pump Series VCD - Xylem Applied Water Systems - United States

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To fix it, just baffle the valve cover pickup hole and then the problem is solved. Where it all began, at least in the NHRA Sportsman ranks, was with the introduction of mufflers to the racing class.

Our first goal was to provide a pump to evacuate the pan and stop the leaks It's a function of the amount of air that you're still sucking out of the motor. Dean Nickerson of Nickerson Performance in Bristol Pennsylvania did a dyno test where he compared several vacuum pumps.

We highly recommend running one and 8th grade dating a junior it at approximately 15" of vacuum for a drag racing application.

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One year guarantee on the electronic parts, and a five year guarantee on the vacuum pump. If you're getting too much oil you can always Hook up vacuum pump a little baffle in front of the bung to keep some of the oil from getting sucked in.

I got nervous running that much vacuum and put the vacuum relief valve back on it.

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For example alcohol applications seem to develop quite a bit more blowby than gasoline engines and thus the amount of vacuum you can get with a pump is reduced. What about special seals? With a relief valve you're pulling the same amount of air out of the valve cover and approximately the same amount of oil which doesn't solve the problem.

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Glue Pot Excellent quality electric glue pot with aluminum inner liner. The Ford design pumps significantly out perform all other pumps, except the really high dollar aftermarket pumps. We just put everything together with silicone, I've always been a devote of goop.

See it in action:

All of our pumps are better engineered than most aftermarket pumps, they can be ran faster which generates more vacuum, they have bigger bearings - they're designed to last. We also have brackets to use with electric water pumps and motor plates.

Black cotton on one side and maroon cotton on the other side.

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The blowby was increasing disproportionately to the amount of vacuum the pump was able to pull and it showed up as less vacuum on his vacuum gauge downtrack. We tell people that run them on the street to make sure that they have some oil running through the pump to get the best life.

The combination netted approximately 20" of vacuum during the dyno pull.

The thickness of this heavy cloth is 0. Enough to compensate for a lot of leakage. You don't have to run low-tension oil rings, but if you do it helps your horsepower. Again most of these pumps are designed for low air volume and an oil free environment, they might work adequately for a while, even as well as a similar to a pan-evac system, but they won't likely last a long time.

You will be lifting 15 Kilograms 15 liters of water per cycle to get only 1 liter in the bucket. We lightly pressurize the motor with air pressure and listen for leaks.

The estimated lifespan of the cloth is years. You could set up your plumbing so you could screw this on and purge the system for winter freeze protection. We have invented all the brackets and pulleys you need to mount the vacuum pump and alternator using a system of mounts that uses the water pump as the swing point for each unit.

If you have more than a thimble full of oil every run you might think about installing some baffles to reduce the amount of oil that is getting sucked out. The recommended glue for gluing the material to wood is PVC-E glue.

That's when GZ Motorsports got involved. If you use a 1 meter long lever and place the fulcrum at 20 cm from the piston you will be lifting only 3 Kilograms per cycle to get 1 liter in the bucket.

When your motor reaches the pre-set level of vacuum, the valve opens and allows air into the motor. How did you guys get started in this business?

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The only water pumps we have trouble with on our brackets is the polished Moroso electric water pump or Weiand electric pump that is similar to the Moroso, those need some grinding work for use with our bracket kits. If you're using a bung on the front of the valve cover you'll tend to see more.

Tired of Pumping your player piano.