Can Surface pro run dual external monitors? - Microsoft Community Can Surface pro run dual external monitors? - Microsoft Community

Hook up two monitors to surface pro 3, deal: save up to €217 on select surface laptop models from microsoft store

I have no idea how to get rid of that message but as long as I was able to connect, I was satisfy with it. Turn on your monitor and you should see these on the monitor from PTV It will say follow the screen on your TV or Monitor.

How do I use 3 monitors with the Surface Pro 4? - Windows Central Forums

If you followed the above steps you are ready to connect and end result should be two screens and SP3. Select Add A Wirless Display.

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Moreover, the Surface was not designed for multi-monitor use anyway, it was designed to be a self-contained portable unit. USB to AC cable. SP3 already has Miracast or Intel Widi so you do not have to go into their site to download anything. Note the "other end" will depend of what type of connection you have on your monitor.

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You can't simply use a splitter to split a single video output to two or more monitors. You should be connected in about 23 seconds.

They wouldn't have made a dock if the surface was made to be completely self-contained they wouldn't have put a minidisplay port on it and the wouldn't have made a docking station for it. This will search the PTV Select Project when you get there you should be on Extend. You should see the Push2TV on your list and click on that.

Go down to very bottom where it says Choose Connect to a Different display. Please note that there will be a message on TV or Monitor saying: Launch wireless display on your phone, tablet or PC. A multi-monitor setup is desktop PC territory.

I have been using these two screens plus SP3 screens using all different browswers or apps or music or videos etc etc for over month now with percent success.

If it was that easy nobody would need to buy expensive multi-output graphics cards for their computer. I know the Surface is fairly versatile but that's expecting too much of it without considerable expense anyway.

Hope this will help many others for the less of price you pay for other Devices. Turn on Surface Pro 3 and TV. I don't need to be told to buy a desktop I just need help setting up multiple monitors on what my boss already has and I've seen many people saying that they have done it and it's possible.

I am asking for my boss who already uses a surface in docking station with an external monitor. On SP3 from right side swipe and go to Devices.

PTV and to Monitor: Thank you Country dating website commercial your time.

This will entend the SP3 to the TV. More about surface pro multiple monitors Phillip Corcoran Apr 29,9:

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