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Furthermore, the first episode was cut entirely because of Fox's concerns that the Hitomi-centric episode would make boys think it was a " girls' show ". In Lost in Translationthe director gives Bill Murray's character long, rambling instructions in Japanese, which the studio translator shortens considerably.

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He is pleading, obviously for the umpteenth time, to have a special channel for Navy use only. In any event, editing as heavy as a Cut-and-Paste Translation is expensive. When Beast Warsa rather dark series with somewhat outlandish comic relief moments at times, was dubbed into Japanese, it received a Gag Dub with no sense of self-restraint and a few other random changes, such as turning the Predacons' computer into a character or characters named Naviko.

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Many military abbreviations are used. And on the other hand, he is harassed by the Allied airplanes attacking his precious ships. However, we must see my sister before dark. The result, called Tranzor Z, was reviled by fans, and Go Nagai was frustrated enough with the failure that it took over a decade for any other Dynamic Productions show to reach America.

He trimmed its running time from minutes to 95, rearranged some scenes, gave all the characters Western names, and provided narration which, most egregiously of all, replaced the original's Downer Ending with something more hopeful.

Most overseas releases of Gatchaman based their scripts off of this adaptation since Sandy Frank held the international licensealthough there would be the occasional dub that stuck to the Japanese version or those that adapted from G-Force and Eagle Riders.

So when the Army clogged up that channel, the Navy was in no position to warn its outlying posts and ships. A Borogravian song mentioned in Monstrous Regiment is titled "Plogviehze!

Biblical view on dating relationships failed to find an audience in weekly syndication, but proved to be a huge success on Cartoon Network 's then-new Toonami block, allowing FUNimation to continue the show with their own in-house dub.

It's a ready source of mockery among fans, and Yu-Gi-Oh!

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I still remember some of them from my World War II days. It said all that? The host asks him what he thinks of America, and he makes three syllables, which translate somewhat longer.

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He is, however, caught between a rock and a hard place. I surprisingly recognize the typewriter this was typed on, an Adler, German Army issue.

It was everything of import.

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There are a few parts where the actor's mouths move for a very long time, but the dub says something really short. Fun Publications would later reconcile the continuity errors by shoehorning in a few lines about the "Unicron Singularity" warping the very fabric of reality itself, and manufacturing three shots of the previous series' characters in the series finale.

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Complete sentences aren't more than two syllables long until she starts learning a little English in the later books, and she seems to get a lot more across with her babytalk.

Battle of the PlanetsG-Force: Some additional Early Installment Weirdness resulted from incomprehensible guidance from Japan.

At one point the woman he's following says "Snucksen vorden merkna valarie" and the subtitle reads: His power-speak tends to be rather verbose, even eloquentwhen translated, and usually prompts a reaction along the lines of "He said all that?!

Interestingly, the script was mostly recycled from Harmony Gold's earlier dub of the film, with the result that it also had heavy censorship and altered dialogue although it would also factor prominently into FUNimation's uncut redub years later.

They didn't call me Kahmunrah the Trustworthy!

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He is not handling this job, so we're giving him the hook. It's actually a fairly stereotypical mild Scots swearwordso in the UK, it doesn't really need translation. Interestingly, the whole point is, in fact, to obfuscate, or eliminate, the more complex thoughts. So, you typed the accent first and then hit the letter key.

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When I asked him about Mo, he stated that it still has important oil installations, ever since the Germans built them there during WWII. In the same book, it's mentioned that in various regions of the Disc "Aargh" can mean anything from "highly enjoyable" to "your wife is a big hippo".

The Engineer in question is highly impressed as he assumes human language is so nuanced that his dissertation on hyperspace physics can be condensed into a short phrase. This worked out very well for WEP, because there was such a backlash against his death in the original that they introduced his Backup Twinwhich the dub could conveniently say was Sven all along.

This is mild Truth in Televisionas there are words in other languages for highly specific cases which take some explaining in English, such as Zugzwang which means "a situation [in a game, especially Chess ] where one player is put at a disadvantage because he has to make a move when he would prefer to pass and make no move" from The Other Wiki.