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They all offer p high definition and have built-in wireless and wired connectors.

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For the penny-pinching cold cutter, these are excellent options to consider. For me the answer is simple — I went 4k TV and streaming box. Roku 1 offers the full Roku experience without all of the bells and whistles.

The Roku also offers a UFC channel with live and archived fights.

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Plus you get a lost remote finder, and a voice searches remote with a headphones slot for listening when the kids go to bed. Also, you will have to wait a bit longer when booting up with the streaming stick.

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To get the most out of your Roku, all you need is a high-speed Internet connectiona TV and most importantly, the Roku Player. You never know until you check.

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What I mean is, yes you can get a player that does not support 4k, for much less. Sporting a quad-core processor, the new Roku Streaming Stick R is up to 4x faster than the previous version.

It can be a bit frustrating loading up apps, and the controls can be unresponsive at times.

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The controls are just sluggish and not as responsive as you would like; which is perplexing considering that it runs older versions of video apps like Roku 1. Aside from the dual-band wireless and headphone jack, the only other difference is that Roku 2 actually runs slower than Roku 1.

Of course, you can stream any number of channels too. You have a voice search function where you can search across several paid and free apps for movies and tv series. You even get the guide for free on the app. However, if you have a smartphone you can download an app that turns your phone into the remote.

Roku offers seven types of streaming devices and is widely used by people looking for cost-effective alternatives to Cable Television.

Roku 3 is great for the serious cord-cutter, and the only real disadvantage is its price. Easy Setup, Terrific Quality Average rating: The interface is awesome, really fast, it's like luxury.

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It also lacks dual-band wireless, so your signal may suffer a little if you have a slow connection. I wanted to watch TV without a cable box on another TV in my house and with the Roku Stick and the Spectrum TV app, you can watch live TV - all the channels in my existing cable package, without paying for a digital converter or cable box.

But all that has changed.

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If you lose your remote, you can press a button on top of the Roku 4 and your missing remote will alert you to where it is. HDR offers a wider range of colors with deeper blacks, brighter whites, and more range of true-life colors.

All you do is plug it into your tv, plug the power cable into your tv USB port, and it will recognize what tv it's plugged into, and you can control the volume and turn the tv on and off. But you also need to ask yourself if you want to buy another player next year when 4k is much more widely available and deemed the new norm?

To learn more read Amazon Video on Demand. It fits in the HDMI port of your television; sadly it is incompatible with older televisions.

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This is kind of a bummer, and expect Roku to make adjustments soon, so this no longer an issue.