Instructions for Putting up a Long-Wire Antenna - Ham Radio Library Instructions for Putting up a Long-Wire Antenna - Ham Radio Library

Hook up outside antenna, quick overview

Mohu's antenna was worth the wait. I would recommend this product over everything else available in this category.

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A minor drawback is that the antenna is compatible with Dish Hopper but not with the Hopper 3 receiver. Albeit, we were on the coast, and so I can't vouch for reception when there are mountains involved.

The unit is lightweight and can be used portable, on a tripod or mounted on your RV roof; mounting feet are included. Its installed in the attic so I don't know what kind of results you can get if it was outside.

Occasionally we also receive the local low power signals from the Daystar and HSN affiliates. It is an excellent product for a reasonable price. This antenna picks up signals best at right angles.

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I'm not surrounded by trees that go above the height of my house and i don't have power lines near me, so i have a pretty clear shot towards the city and I've positioned the antenna in one of the highest spots of my roof.

The antenna itself is 2. Approved and certified reflectors provide a strong signal. This model also features the Winegard one-button operation where all you need to do is power up the system to automatically locate all desired satellites.

And the Disclaimer This information is provided with no warranty express or implied.

Best Radio Antenna to Buy in 2018

Greg Rating I cut the cord on satellite in March,just before this antenna became available. Picture is HD and at no cost.

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Observe every safety precaution. I did position the antenna a couple of times since it seems to be quite sensitive as far as signal reception.

An all-steel structure with a powerful spring allows the antenna to bend instead of break if hit by something. Everything you need for installation and setup is included in the box, but you must have a programming package, a receiver, and a TV.

The included kit is meant for a roof mount on your RV, so you might have to adapt and windproof it for your particular vehicle. I get around 40 channels.

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If you string the wire from a stationary point such as a house to a tree, use this trick that my father taught me, and that Ham Radio operators use. The H25 and HR25 are not compatible.

How to Hook Up a TV Antenna: 9 Steps - wikiHow

I found that changing the directional placement of the antenna in the attic made a significant difference in reception quality. Have the ladder on a secure footing, and have someone there to hold the ladder.

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It picks up worst end-on. Roof or pole mount, stationary Included: The motors are silent and quick for a speedy signal recovery and the model features noise reduction for less interference.

The product is advertised as "multi-directional". However, disconnecting and grounding the antenna is still the best option. Raj Rating I recently bought this Sky outdoor antenna and installed it my attic and it worked great. However, the local ABC affiliate and sub-channels and the local ION affiliate and sub-channels were simply too far away and too many topographical barriers to be consistently available via an indoor antenna or in the case of the ION channels, at all.

Use an insulated wire to connect to the copper wire at the end closest to your radio. I've gotten used to nearly instant gratification from big companies on delivery of goods.