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Hook up light to ceiling fan, wiring a dimmer and fan speed controller

Follow the instructions that came with your kit. Look for this indication stamped onto the inside surface of the box.

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The white wire is wrapped with black tape to identify it as hot. Start all screws before tightening, and then tighten each. All other wiring is the same as above. These fans usually come with a small electrical connection box welded to the side of the housing.

Once you select a fan, check the included documentation for any additional requirements for blade clearance or ceiling height.

Good to Know Your light kit may attach differently. If you need more wire for your downrod, you can purchase it separately. If you do not have a separate toggle switch on the wall to operate the ceiling fan and light separately, grab the blue wire and place it with the black wire from the fan motor and the black insulated wire from the electrical box.

For rooms measuring 76 to square feet, choose a fan with a blade diameter of 36 to 42 inches. Splice both the fan and the light hot wires together with the common wire from the SW2.

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The bottom edges of the blades should be at least 7 feet above the floor. The white wire, known as neutral, completes the electrical circuit. The white wire is no longer used for hot and the source neutral is run through to the switch box to satisfy the NEC requirement of a neutral wire in all switch boxes.

However, some older metal boxes and most plastic boxes don't have a terminal like this.

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Connect the ground to the grounding terminal in the connection box and the ground wire from the fan, if there is one. Step 8 Depending on your model, you may need to remove the fan from the support hook. Use this wiring when the power source originates at the switch and you want to control both the fan and light from there.

Connect them to the wires from the light kit according to the fan manufacturer's instructions.

How to Wire a Fan & Light With Black, White & Blue Wires | Home Guides | SF Gate

Caution If you plan to control your fan with a wall switch, make sure you have the right switch. The neutral from the source is spliced directly to the white wire on the fan kit and the cable, running it through to the switch box.

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The source is wired directly to the fan and spliced through to the switch. As with all 3-way circuits, the common on one switch is connected to the hot source wire from the circuit.

The ceiling fan motor does not have Dating 72 ground wire. The red wire is spliced to the output on the dimmer and to the blue, light wire at the other end.

The red wire connects the light to the dimmer. Looks like your cookies are disabled. Step 5 Carefully push the wires back into the switch housing.

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Good to Know Ceiling fans can reduce your reliance on an air conditioner and furnace. The black cable wire is connected to the top terminal on the switch and spliced to the black and blue wires at the fan at the other end.

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Learn more about how our partners use this data, and select 'Manage options' to set your data sharing choices with our partners. Wiring for an Exhaust Fan To wire an exhaust fan to a wall switch, use this diagram. The black wire is the hot wire and leads back to the wall switch.

The hot source is connected directly to the bottom terminal on the switch.

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Shop for Ceiling Fans Caution Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installation and safety. In this arrangement a light fixture and exhaust fan are wired to the same source. In some fan kits, these screws are packaged with the other fan installation hardware.

The other dimmer wire is spliced to the red wire in the switch box which is spliced to the blue, light wire at the other end. Learn More about how Oath uses this data.