Halibut fishing tackle for halibut fishing Halibut fishing tackle for halibut fishing

Hook up jig heads, welcome to hook'em fishing!

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Great for areas where treble hooks are not allowed, shallow water, light currents, and fish that eat small baitfish. Sinks with great fish-attracting action. Rocky Points are ideal for football head jigs. You can also add a soft hackle collar if you like.

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This enables you to pull it free from the same path it went in. Football shaped lead jigs are far less likely to, in fact, it's almost impossible for them, to flop on their sides. Let the bass tell you how they like it.

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An interesting note on color. Additionally, when lead jigs are retrieved through the water and hit a limb they will have a tendency to flop right or left placing the hook in a position to snag the limb or stump.

Nickel color looks like real fish scales.

The Micro-Jig

Then, simply submit the order. As with all bass fishing situations color choice is a very personal thing. I enjoy the fact that these jigs are available in weights not normally found in other jigs. It sinks, is very abrasion resistant and strong.

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Though the football jig was developed to be fished by dragging it along and always in contact with the bottom, like a Carolina rig, there are several ways weekenders and pros alike fish them. An important point about grass edges. See larger pictures below.

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This shape is far less likely to "hang up" than are other lead jigs with round or bullet shaped heads. How Do You Fish Them? Each tail contains flash strands in a complementary color.

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Hopping - Hopping is a retrieve technique often combined with dragging. The strikes are usually at long distance and you want to be able to take up slack rapidly.

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I like to combine rubber and silicone strands, thick and thin strands, solid color and mixed color strands, even throw in a small number of flashabou strands for a hint of flash. Catch trophy halibut, ling cod, rockfish and other large deep water fish.

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They don't have sides! Recommended sites by The Fishin' Tipster A common question that we get: They're good for lake floors covered with shells and and gravel too.

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The "worm keeper" and extremely solid hooks are my choice for jigs no matter what water I am fishing. Baitcasting reels that have higher gear ratios 6.

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My favorite colors are Black, White, and Chartreuse. Try and match the trailer color to that of the skirt if possible. As close to the colors of a small minnow as we could get!!

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Literally, while keeping your rod tip high at the It's an attempt to imitate a crawfish moving along the rocky structure they love so much. Edges, including grass edges, channel drops, around brush piles, just outside docks and around the circumference of humps.

Step 7 Tie off the thread with a couple of half-hitches or a whip finish behind the lead head.