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On the other hand, a more expensive fishing rod will make it easier to feel the gentle take of a walleye on a jig, or the taps of a sauger on a crawler harness. The nearby town of Coulson appeared a far more likely site. Construction and housing starts have been up as well as large investments in the community by national companies and major new road construction projects.

As fishermen progress at the walleye game, they usually have at least a Hook up in billings mt of fishing rods they use. In the end Coulson faded away with the last remains of the town disappearing in the s.

They'll get a spinning reel and rod for jigs, using 6-pound or 8-pound test monofilament.

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The list is endless. You can fish a spinner and crawler harness - a colored spinner blade tipped with bait - behind a bottom-bouncer sinker. It has been hit hard by drought the past few years, but remains a good place for walleyes, sauger and northern pike.

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These caves contain over pictographs rock paintingsthe oldest of which is over 2, years old. You can find the page at: Though it stood on the banks of the Yellowstone River only a couple of miles from the heart of present-day downtown Billings, the city of Billings never built on the land where Coulson once stood.

A "big tiller" has a large-horsepower motor. Walleye are sharp-toothed predators, feeding on minnows, perch, cisco and young fish of all species.

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Yet, for a short time, the two towns coexisted; a trolley even ran between the two. Coulson was a rough-and-tumble town Hook up in billings mt arguments were often followed by gunplay.

Most important Before you head for the stream or lake, make sure you get the proper fishing license, if you need one, which varies by age in Montana and Wyoming.

Kicker - A second, much smaller outboard motor on a boat that allows you to troll more slowly than the big motor.

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Baits and tactics There are three basic techniques that fishermen use for walleyes - with a number of variations, of course. But ultimately there was no future for Coulson as Billings grew.

Billings has had rapid growth from its founding; in its first 50 years growth was, at times, in the th and th percentile.

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Upon its completion, it was declared "the tallest load-bearing brick masonry building in the world" by the Brick Institute of America. Here is a sampling of walleye waters you might try: Know your prey Walleyes are a member of the perch family and are a close cousin to sauger, which is a native species of the rivers of Eastern Montana and Wyoming.


June is typically one of the better months to fish Nelson and the lake generally ice fishes very well, too. Backtrolling - Trolling backwards, with the stern of the boat going first rather than the bow. In addition, several new business parks were developed on the city's west end during this period.

Bait rig - A rigging used to fish minnows, leeches or night crawlers. Located east of Malta, it's a very good water for walleyes, perch and northern pike.

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These are trolled just fast enough so that the sinker is near the bottom and the blade spins. The trick is to find a school that is actively feeding and willing to bite.

Today Coulson Park, a Billings city park, sits on the river bank where Coulson once was. It's a marine equipment and tackle dealer's dream. One of the new centers is Shiloh Crossing, which brought the first Kohl's [42] department store to Montana. The are archive n the Bllings Gazette site.

With this increase in oil production, Billings became the headquarters for energy sector companies. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks stocks walleyes, as well as rainbow trout, in this Carbon County water, west of Boyd.

Walleye chop - Enough wind to make decent-sized waves which will pound a shoreline. There's always a bigger trophy out there, just waiting to be caught.