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Dubai's lure for tourists is based mainly on shopping, but also on its possession of other ancient and modern attractions. This attire is particularly well-suited for the UAE's hot and dry climate. Dubai had already embarked on a period of infrastructural development and expansion.

Although Dubai's economy was built on the oil industry, currently the emirate's model of business, similar to that of Western countries, drives its economy, with the effect that its main revenues are now from tourism, real estate, and financial services.

On view will be an installation of 8-feet-high balloons all in the shape of Ziggy Stardust.

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The captain gave the order to abandon ship but two lifeboats capsized and a second explosion occurred. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's legislature.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque which had a Royal visit today on the first leg of a five-day tour of the Middle East Not only was the Queen the first visiting head of state to visit the mosque but it is seen as hugely symbolic here that the Supreme Governor of the Church of England should visit a place that, despite its young age, is a national shrine.

Oil revenue, flowing from onwards supported a period of growth with Sheikh Rashid embarking on a policy of building infrastructure and a diversified trading economy before the emirate's limited reserves were depleted.

The town of Dubai was an important port of call for foreign tradesmen, chiefly those from Iran, many of whom eventually settled in the town.

UK-based international service company Serco Group is responsible for operating the metro.

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The first field was named 'Fateh' or 'good fortune'. It is distinct from other members of the UAE in that a large part of the emirate's revenues are from tourism.

Over the next two years, negotiations and meetings of the rulers followed -often stormy- as a form of union was thrashed out.

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During celebrations singing and dancing also take place and many of the traditional songs and dances have survived to the present time.

Real estate and construction One of the more traditional methods of getting across Bur Dubai to Deira is through abras, small boats that ferry passengers across the Dubai Creek, between abra stations in Bastakiya and Baniyas Road. Later in the s, many foreign trading communities—first from Kuwaitduring the Gulf War, and later from Bahrainduring the Shia unrest—moved their businesses to Dubai.

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It is estimated that Dubai produces 50, to 70, barrels 11, m3 of oil a day and substantial quantities of gas from offshore fields. Today, Dubai has emerged as a global city and a business hub. Finally, an earlier version also misstated the title of a Moniker art fair leader.

The airport was the 15th busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic handling Most Emirati males prefer to wear a kandura, an ankle-length white shirt woven from wool or cotton, and most Emirati women wear an abaya, a black over-garment covering most parts of the body.

The emir of Dubai was keen to attract foreign traders and lowered trade tax brackets, which lured traders away from Sharjah and Bandar Lengehthe region's main trade hubs at the time. The museum will be part of a cultural complex that will include branches of the Guggenheim and Louvre museums. Sincethe weekend has been Friday-Saturday, as a compromise between Friday's holiness to Muslims and the Western weekend of Saturday-Sunday.

Etiquette is an important aspect of UAE culture and tradition, to which visitors are expected to conform. Held in Pioneer Works, the arts center in Red Hook, the fair is packed with 21 galleries from New York, London, Johannesburg and beyond, exhibiting some 60 artists.

Another theory suggests the word was used to describe the souqwhich was similar to the souq in Ba.


The first phase of the airport, featuring one A capable runway, Online dating site wordpress remote stands, one cargo terminal with annual capacity fortonnes of cargo and a passenger terminal building designed to accommodate five million passengers per year, has been opened.

In contrast, the city of Dubai is a highly cosmopolitan society with a diverse and vibrant culture. The reasons are many.