How to Wire a Relay for Off-Road LED Lights How to Wire a Relay for Off-Road LED Lights

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A relay is an electrical switch. Two more lights put a strain on the 10 amp fuse handling headlight and taillight power. With LEDs, you need accurate values for current, voltage and resistance, or the circuit will not work at all.

Some equipment is rated in Watts - mostly the lighting equipment.

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They're real cheap and should never be overlooked. The relay location must be well protected. Draw a diagram on plain white paper with wire gauge noted and colors identified. The fog lights each have two wires, one for ground and one for the 12V power.

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Turn on the high beam headlamps. Start with the ground connections for each component. That's why you read this page. Turn off the ignition and the headlamps. A test is in order before you use the lock ties and button everything up.

The tidy, but not absolutely necessary next routing is through the original equipment tubing, into the headlight bucket and then back to the area of your left hand grip, again through the O.

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Kind of cryptic isn't it. Anytime you want to switch a device which draws more current than is provided by an output of a switch or component you'll need to use a relay. You now have an LED light circuit. Do not add the crimped ends to any of the wires until all the wires are in place.

In this case, you need to wire the dash switch in between the trigger current, i. Use wire ties to secure any slack portion of the 12 volt connection or wire harness in the engine compartment away from moving parts or excessive heat.

The "Best" way to wire your new lights is to their own circuit. The coil of an SPDT relay that we most commonly use draws very little current less than milliamps and the amount of current that you can pass through a relay's common, normally closed, and normally open contacts will handle up to 30 or 40 amps.

If you have any doubt about how much power an accessory will pull then add a relay.

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You can either use a resistor rated for the current of the total circuit and wire it to the positive terminal of your power supply or wire a resistor of the same value, but with a lower current rating, to the cathode the terminal near the flattened edge of each LED. Courtesy of Hella USA.

Turn on the low beam headlamps. Loosen the mounting bolts to the vehicle to adjust the lights left and right. Use a test light to confirm your power sources for both the relay and the switch.

A three way connection is made to the power source for both lights. I have chosen a position on the inner fender arch away from heat, but protected from road spray.

Some equipment on a car is rated directly in current draw. When it is off, and you put your high beams on, your LED light will still be off and vice versa.

It does not Amp hook up help a normally closed terminal like the SPDT relay, but may be used in place of SPDT relays in all diagrams shown on this site where terminal 87a is not used. For the sake of simplicity, use LEDs that all have the same values.

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Suggest 14 or 16 Gauge. Measure the distance from the center of the lamp to the ground and mark off the same height on the wall.

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Pictured is my wiring diagram for installing two fog lights with fuses, a switch, and a relay. Commercially available LEDs have two values you need to be concerned with: Most of us are cheap by nature and always looking for low-buck-do-it-yourself upgrades.

This white wire will need a 10 amp inline fuse and is connected to the fuse block.