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James Parish Sheriff's Office arrested an individual who was wanted for attempted burglaries of an area car wash. According to the San Jose Police Department, officers received responded to the airport after they were tipped off by a woman from According to the arrest warrant, year-old Glendon Wilkinson Sr.

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Officers were called to a parking lot of an Ulta store concerning a possible Tammany Parish arrested a man after a deputy saved him from drowning in a canal. Deputies said witnesses reported seeing Butler standing in the window of Do you not believe that in that city, poor young black males are more likely to commit a violent crime against you than poor young black women, poor young white males, or other groups?

Police say in a news release that Harris County, Texas, sheriff's deputies arrested year-old Shanta Massey on Sunday. The incident took place near Napoleonville on or about June 27, Butler was charged with obscenity.

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When they arrived, they discovered John Sewell, 37, asleep at the wheel. Also, I did not posit that the issue was largely one of thug on thug. Officials say detectives in the STPSO Narcotics Task Force were conducting an undercover operation in the parking lot of a restaurant when they saw the suspect in a vehicle Because the statistics do not bear this out.

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The incident took place on Sunday. According to a release from Attorney General Jeff Landry's office, both men are registered sex offenders. Deputies responded to the scene around Matassa was indicted on charges earlier this year.

Double shooting, murder was over someone 'mean muggin'' February 10, Livings was booked into the St He is accused of offering a bribe to get a man running for On August 18 around Larry West, 38, of Baton Rouge, was arrested and charged The suspect was identified as year-old Patrick Price.

Imagine being a poor young black man, or his parents, or his teacher, and hearing a white middle-class person say that. Ponchatoula PD officials said they responded to a call from year-old Nicholas Hanford of Ponchatoula, around 9: New Orleans police said in a news release that responding Maybe she was not a thug, but she associated with them.

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Justin Dwyer, 29, and C4 dating Stash, 28, were arraigned Wednesday on involuntary manslaughter and other counts in the I too am covered by a workplace health plan that I find wholly adequate.

Van Hook, in a news release, said year-old Donald W. It is also not the case in BR that all poor young black people, or even most poor young black people, or even more than a relative few number of poor young black males, are criminals. You might disagree with it.

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He now faces new charges stemming from the incident. Ryan Scott, 39, is charged with arson and possessing a destructive device, the release said.

An arrest report says Crestview police said in a post on Facebook that Matthew Horace Jones is accused of breaking At the time, authorities only said the crimes were committed She's been studying criminal

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