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You can order an essay on any topic Order a new paper The Holy Spirit Paul talks lot concerning the Holy Spirit and also the function that He plays in peoples lives in Romans 8: A question such as, why would an unrelated belief have a connection to the Holy Spirit who was to come in the baptism of Jesus?

As the fire would destroy the wicked it would also purge and cleanse the righteous. The first temptation, when Satan told Jesus to turn the stones to bread Matt. The people of the Spirit and the folks of the Flesh are completely opposite from one another, based on Paul in this passage.

The essay did not fit your needs? His primary point though, is that there is a really distinct difference between individuals of this flesh and people of this Spirit.

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This was referred to as the birth pangs of the messiah. One way the baptism of Jesus could be seen, In verse 6, Paul talks about the flesh bringing death and also the Spirit bringing life. From being led into the wilderness by the Spirit, to this first temptation it was forty days and Jesus had not eaten anything.

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In verse 4 Paul talks about how earlier we came to know Christ, we're always conquered by sin. His physical need at the moment was sustenance, he was hungry and his body needed nourishment.

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One reference which is used to support this is from the prophet Daniel, where in one of his visions he refers to war being made against the saints and until the ancient of days would come there would be judgment upon the saints Dan.

Individuals who live in the flesh do not have help from the Spirit, so they cannot have the Spirit enable them for whatever.

Examples of completed orders. Various OT prophets confirm this idea of judgment by fire Amos 7: This belief was the idea that a time of affliction or anguish would take place before the coming of the messiah.

Another reference to fire as judgment 2 Peter 3: The Israelites cried out to God because they did not have any food to eat in the wilderness, so God send them manna for them for their food. If the Spirit of God is living in a person, then that person is alive because they died to sin.

The fire which john speaks about could be a fire of judgment for the people as well as a fire which would purify the saints. As the Israelites were complaining to God and not trusting Him, Jesus did the opposite and He did Boyfriend dating website succumb to His human frailty but trusted in God and place His dependence upon food.

However, if the Spirit is not in a person then they are dead. That is a difference from people who reside in the flesh.

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In verse 5, Paul is saying that the people of the flesh might have great intentions but the matters of the world bound their lives. Morris talks about how "with no peace with God that there couldn't be the life a.

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Once again another reference to Israel is made in parallel to Jesus. Morris makes a fantastic point when he states, "Because they are concentrating on this fleshly lifethey cut themselves off from the blessings that Christ provides, Morris This was not the sole purpose of His baptism; he was preparing the way Matt.

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Morris talks about the way many of the flesh are the middle of their lives.