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Holla if you hear me i got the hook up, best mid-tempo song:

I'm from a different generation, I've never been one for instant hook ups, it's really not my thing.

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I have high potential, I'm very smart. I'm hoping to correspond with women to form new friendships.

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I'm originally from Denmark, I've traveled most of Europe by train. My reaction when I orgasm also depends how I reached orgasm. I'm open minded but most of all I'm straight up and don't lie.

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I have lost contact with everybody over the years and I am feeling more lonely as the time goes by. I hope to hear from someone soon.

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My body goes a little rigid and little ripples run throughout my body. Sex education How can you tell when a woman orgasms? The intensity of the orgasm will determine whether I shudder for a short while or a long while.

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I'm an avid bike lover, actually I love anything with a motor. I'm a small town boy, grew up in Alberta with a lot of small town values.

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I've wasted lots of time within the justice system but this first federal sentence got me to drop the swords and I decided to turn my life into positivity and success. I am serving a 6 year sentence for robbery and possession of a weapon.

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I don't like drama, lies, evil people. I've come a very long way. I have been transferred around over the past few months and I was told the institution would forward my mail but I have come to learn they never did.

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I'm serious when required, respectful, polite and smiley, not to mention I know how to make you feel good and give you the attention and love you deserve.

There are some women who cum screaming like banshees — they curse, they swear, they moan and you just might have to cover their mouths to prevent the neighbours from hearing…but these women are not the subject of this post.

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I'm honest, faithful, humble and a great comedian at prescribed times. I like cleanliness, cooking great dishes, watching movies, travel.

I have a good set of values which I feel very strong about such as honesty, trust, loyalty and being open.