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The Census countedHmong Americans across the U. Copyright Act of Printer-Friendly Version This article is an edited chapter on the major historical events and contemporary characteristics of the Hmong American community, excerpted from The New Face of Asian Pacific America: This strategy, however, proved unsuccessful as many Hmong were settled in a poor, predominantly African American neighborhoods where they encountered much hostility and violence.

Paul as the unofficial capitals of Hmong America, taking over from Fresno.

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AfterHmong refugee admissions slowed to a trickle as most of the Thai camps were by now empty, with the remaining Hmong repatriated to Laos. From tothe number of Hmong refugees slowed to a few thousand each year, but admissions picked up again between andwhen about 56, Hmong refugees were accepted.

Vang Pao, for instance, has established a program with St.

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Others are trying to encourage Hmong entrepreneurship, a traditional route to the middle-class for immigrants but one less common with the Hmong.

As a result, Hmong households average more than six persons per house or apartment in Minnesota and Wisconsin, compared to about 2.

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Data from the Census shows considerable upward socioeconomic movement, as many Hmong settled into stable or more lucrative jobs. Items may only be used in the library with the exception of videos which may be checked out. Cleaved along this generational divide, the younger leaders support the reform of some aspects of Hmong culture that may clash with American customs.

The Hmong are a fairly tight-knit group; many community leaders are old clan leaders or politicians from Laos and Dating denmark wa their descendents and relatives.

As a result, they were subject to violence and retribution in Laos. Most had been farmers in their native country, and did not graduate from high school or the equivalent.

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The opportunity to make a better life seems to be at the heart of things. The Hmong came to America less-prepared for the modern capitalistic society of their new home than most other immigrant groups.

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Many Hmong escaped Laos to Thailand where they were incarcerated in refugee camps. This helps explain the huge Hmong American population growth between anddespite the decline in refugee admissions after While Hmong Americans certainly face a number of challenges, they are moving forward into a brighter future.

Many agree, however, that the figure is probably a significant undercount. About half of Hmong today live in the Midwest, mostly in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan, compared to 41 percent in These demographic trends suggest the Hmong population Hmong dating online continue to be among the fastest growing Asian group in the United States in the coming decades.

Paul's University Avenue -- and college-educated Hmong professionals going into fields like law, medicine, and non-profit management. There, they existed mostly as farmers living in rural areas.

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But there is a substantial emerging class of Hmong small business owners -- many of them congregated near St. This shift was epitomized by the emergence of Minneapolis and St.

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Also, many Hmong wished to be reunited with family and clan members. Most Hmong -- about eight million -- still live in southwestern China. The collections also include extensive archives of issues of local Hmong newspapers dating back to the s and Hmong-related articles from mainstream newspapers going back to the s.

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