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Another person who lived close to the Miglins, Betsy Brazis, rented her place from the Miglins.

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For such a linear, spoonfed, slow moving series, this was actually pretty jolting for me. Vulgar Favors says Lee Miglin was found lying on his back fully clothed, wearing a tan suede jacket, white shirt, and jeans, with a shoe on and one off.

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Sex was part of their agreement. Similarly unlike weeks prior, we make quite a bit of a jump in time from episode to episode. The two baddies are hot on the trail of Megatron and the Requiem Blaster.

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Did Andrew actually witness his client Lincoln get murdered? So I don't look at David as any different.


Andrew bragged to people that he'd been with Lincoln the night of his death and had found the body, but many people believe Andrew might've done it.

Andrew never got to heal but instead descended into the death spiral depicted over the last seven episodes. The other Primes entrusted a guardian to protect it, which at some point through the generations became Optimus Primal.

There's no mention of that in Vulgar Favors — a detail that would've likely been mentioned by anyone who'd seen the two because it would have been clear proof David attempted to flee Andrew.

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He did, however, shop for jeans at a Levi's store on 57th Street near Fifth Avenue. Norwegian Encore debuts next year. This is likely fiction. Maureen Orth's book declares.


Contrary to what the series asserts about the dress' sales, Vogue described it as an instant hit, but it is true that the siblings clashed openly all the time, including over clothes as series writer Tom Rob Smith told Vanity Fair.

American Crime Story re-enacts the moment Andrew Cunanan murdered his friend Jeff Trail played by Finn Wittrock in cold blood — and the bizarre moments afterwards. He worked at a law firm, despite not having done well on his exams, but felt lured by architecture.

One of his older friends bought him a bright red leather jumpsuit, as depicted. Pete did begin a training Hero hook up modesto to be a stockbroker with Merrill Lynch inbut wasn't with the company when he fled the U. Did Andrew really celebrate with champagne as the news of Versace's murder made the news?

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As everyone's distracted by the shiny computer, Rodimus and Overlord catch up, and somehow silently bring Victorion to her knees. The station will also feature an all-female presenting line-up with Elizabeth Alker kicking things off in the early morning amfollowed by Mary Anne Hobbs am. Ryan Murphy's debut episode for this iteration of the American Crime Story series recounts in meticulous detail how Andrew, who'd been hiding in plain sight in Miami, left a shockingly easy trail for law enforcement to find him after murdering four other people before landing in Florida in a stolen truck.

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It's commonly assumed that the Versace family explained Gianni's retreat from public life in and with the story that Gianni had a rare form of inner-ear cancer rather than the H.