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Effect of a pre-screening survey on attendance in colorectal cancer screening: Socio demographic and reproductive risk factors for cervical cancer - a large Helsinki hook up 2013 tulokset cohort study from rural India. Plenum Press, New York,pp.

Here we mainly use the data to characterize sampling locations and to provide environmental variables for the ant analyses. Costs and benefits, quality controls, methods, perspectives of screening: Risk of cervical cancer after a negative Pap smear.

Prospective seroepidemiologic study of human papillomavirus infection as a risk factor for invasive cervical cancer.

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Smoking and survival from lung cancer. Superb brokerage collection also available.

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Effectiveness of routine and spontaneous follow-up for breast cancer. Potential contribution of screening to cancer mortality reduction.

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Trapping was continuous for six weeks, with catches collected and traps reset every second week, between May and July Implications of end results data on the natural history. Survival of breast cancer patients in Finland. Changing risk and the effects of screening.

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Screening for breast cancer in Finland. The effect of mass screening on incidence and mortality of squamous and adenocarcinoma of cervix uteri. Prostate cancer risk among users of finasteride and alpha-blockers - A population based case-control study.

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Experience of the Nordic countries. Kontrolloidut kokeet ja niiden suunnnittelu. Test positivity cutoff level of a high risk human papillomavirus test could be increased in routine cervical cancer screening.

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We have 20 years of recognized history throughout the Nautic industry. BMJ Open Gastro ;2: Additionally, when analysing the effects of drainage and restoration on the number of mire-ant species, we included only those species assessed in the latest red-list work of Finland by the expert group for Hymenoptera Rassi et al.

Diagnostic value of free prostate-specific antigen among men with a prostate-specific antigen level of Eur. Biological, physical, mental and social dimensions of breast cancer: An international collaboration among cancer registries.

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Scientific basis of screening in early detection. Prostate cancer mortality at 11 years of follow-up.

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High cell proliferation activity determined by DNA flow cytometry and prognosis in epidermoid lung carcinoma. Vital Statistics to Intervention. Selenium in Biology and Medicine. Immunology of Human Papillomaviruses.

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Selective screening by risk groups. Comment on "Intervals between Pap tests: Cancer Prevention in Europe. UICC workshop on evaluating interventions to reduce cancer risk. Erratum referring to Auvinen et al.: Geographical correlations in Finland.

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Is there today an epidemic outbreak of cancer of the uterine cervix?