Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two by John Tiffany Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Parts One and Two by John Tiffany

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In fact, the one thing that nearly makes him throw Harry out of the house for good is learning that Harry has a murderous madman after him, which put Petunia and Dudley's lives in danger.

On his right, Ron was earnestly reviewing the performance statistics of the new Firebolt racing broom, and its potential impact on the upcoming quidditch season.

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Adjusting the omnioculars, she saw the rock transform into a small, blonde pixie. Seems like something goblins would do.

This provided another clue, and following Hermione's example, Harry had dragged Ron to the library for research, where they had discovered that the victim was none other than Moaning Myrtle 2 Over the course of the next week Harry had visited his petrified friends in the infirmary every day.

But since no spells were cast with a broken wand no flying car crash, no broken wandthere was no rockslide that needed to be cleared. I really didn't need Free dating classifieds usa villain associated with Voldemort Harry was about to ask what she meant when she whipped her tail around and drove the blood soaked spike through his shoulder.

At that point he ran out of time. Thus, while Dumbledore is certainly powerful, magically, and has considerable influence, his actual political authority is limited. He caps this off by committing a terrorist attack that even injures and presumably kills other wizards.

No blood flow means that blood can't be directed to a certain part to satisfy your carnal cravings in regards to the vampire," he explained. Except no school has ever been run along those lines, particularly not the British public schools on which Hogwarts is, in part, modeled.

A common theme in "X Reads the Harry Potter books" and possibly in other types of fics as well is that Remus has an obsession with or at greatly enjoys chocolate.

Examples, in alphabetical order by fic title:

When she had realized the Daily Prophet, under Ministry orders, had been giving out false knowledge on purpose, Hermione had gone into an hour long rant. The Champion's skin paled significantly and the tips of fangs could be seen protruding from under his upper lip.

She had always been shy around Harry, usually ducking her head and mumbling before running away, and her crush had only become worse when he'd saved her life.

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He took one look at the dragon and dove for the cover of a nearby boulder. Aspirations changes the usual "Evil Ginny" scenario by having Hermione turn on Harry after his name comes out of the Goblet of Fire. Then there was a wave of Rose and Hugo since Hermione's just as creative as Harry is and even a bit of Wendell and Monica Hermione's probably clever enough not to give her parents their real names as false names.

She dipped the spike in the blood again and waited for Harry to step away from her. Nevertheless, it still persists in the world of fanfiction. Despite all this, he is still portrayed as working against Voldemort, even though he had the Death Eaters join in on killing the Dursleys.

Acting quickly, with no time to think about a plan, Harry and Ron had grabbed Lockhart and entered the Chamber. Harry was standing still, his right hand touching his mouth where Hermione's lips had been just a moment before.

This comes from the movies - the canon uniform consists of plain black robes, with no house markings. Harry swallowed hard, but didn't retreat back behind the boulder. Many take Word of God on the subject and miss the fact that it was merely symbolic.

At 5 Pounds per Galleon, 50 Pounds might not be too unreasonable in the muggle world for a mixed breed cat, but we're given the impression that the storeowner was happy to get rid of it. It normally contains a common room with two separate dorm rooms, one for the Head Boy and one for the Head Girl.

The Durmstrang Champion wasn't prepared for the dragon to give him an appraising glance and then rush him using all of its tremendous speed. When no one else was around he'd sit by Hermione's bedside and hold her hand, unknowingly repeating her actions of the previous year, pleading silently that she'd recover and come back to him.

This is more than likely the result of a general trope of mature love interests doing that sort of thing being applied to Harry Potter, despite it never really happening in the books.

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Rowling Jossed the idea, and got misinterpreted to have confirmed it. He knew the remaining Death Eaters would reward him greatly if he managed to get rid of the-boy-who-refused-to-die. So then they go back in time to sabotage the second task, but only Scorpius returns to the present because Albus was never born.

Harry having a godmother, who's usually Alice Longbottom. Even Moaning Myrtle seemed completely out of character. She steals the time turner and goes back to Godric's Hollow to make sure Voldemort only grows in power by never trying to kill Harry.