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Why did he want to kill me, sir?

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I'm not materialistic, and I certainly have enough wealth to buy myself anything I wanted or needed, but I would have thought that my 'best mate' would have given me something. And do you really think that, had I not been able to give satisfactory answers, I would be sitting here talking to you?

Dumbledore also routinely brainwashes Harry with Legilimency, implanting feelings of worthlessness so that Harry will be willing to kill himself later for the sake of Dumbledore's plan.

Sirius is built up as the main antagonist, but he's actually a good guy. Merlin, I hate some of those arrogant little snots.

While Dumbledore wanted it to communicate with his dead family, Grindelwald allegedly intended to use it to create an army of zombie -like Inferi.


She pulled off her robes, revealing the standard school uniform of blouse, ties, pleated skirt and sweater, with a pair of knee-high grey socks. And I want to say thank you properly.

McGonagall throughout, but particularly in this book. And I will never withhold something from you, unless I have a very good reason, and I will explain that reason in detail.

The Real Us Chapter 2: School Year: , a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

Several people mainly older women with far too much time on their hands looked scandalised at Hermione's 'scarlet woman' actions, considering she was just a chit of Harry is unable to open the Snitch until he is about to die in the Forest, and realizes then "the close" means the end, or his death.

Albus used a Portkey to take us directly to the hospital wing Rowling in interviews and on her website were heavily scrutinised by fans. Then you get to the end when you see that same boy as an adult standing in the same spot his adventures began and you start to see the story from other points of view.

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His hands slowly drifted down to her waist, taking a gentle hold of the waistband on her panties. MuggleCast has also added humour to their podcast with segments like "Spy on Spartz," where the hosts would call MuggleNet webmaster Emerson Spartz and reveal his current location or activity with the listening audience.

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There are six grades, like the Muggle equivalent, but they use different letters. A moment later, the privacy screen parted, as Harry and Hermione reappeared, dressed in their school uniforms, minus the robes. After Voldemort's death, Harry uses the Elder Wand to repair his own damaged wand, then decides to return it to Dumbledore's tomb, so that when he has a natural death, the Elder Wand's power will die with him.

Harry loses his first ever Quidditch match It eventually came to the possession of Mykew Gregorovitch, a Bulgarian wandmaker.

I solemnly swear that these tropes are up to no good:

They know he's an orphan, and that he lives with Why would you hide such an immeasurably powerful object at the end of such a low-level challenge? Tonks, however, continued to laugh hysterically. I must say, your agapanthus are flourishing.

The first brother chose a wand that could not be defeated in battle, the second brother asked for a way to bring back someone from the dead, and the third brother selected a cloak that made the wearer invisible, even to Death himself.

I didn't think you'd engage in that sort of exploration until the end of your first year. However, a lot of their pranks go beyond the grounds of being appropriate.

Examples, in alphabetical order by fic title:

Brushing himself off as he stood up, Harry looked around the room in a fruitless attempt to find Hermione. This method was chosen by Voldemort to attain immortality. Fudge also reveals that he has been sacked and replaced by Rufus Scrimgeour as Minister for Magic.

To see this small sad boy and know the sacrifices he had to make, somehow prepare him without letting him know the extent of the personal hell he will have to endure, and to Hot girl dating ugly guy him enough to teach him and somehow be able to let him go in the end--well that is not a story a child could understand.

Harry James Potter

The Shrieking Shack encounter is rather intense with the aforementioned murder attempt, Harry and his friends disarming Snape at the same time, knocking him out, Snape's rather unhinged behavior to the point where he was willing have the Dementor's Kiss performed on Sirius due their school rivalry and Sirius and Lupin nearly murdering Wormtail.

Grindelwald was defeated "at the height of his power" by Dumbledore, who in his later years considered it the "only hallow [he] was fit to possess, not to boast of it or kill with it, but to tame it.

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As she felt something warm splash into her mouth, she focussed on maintaining her rhythm, making sure to ride it out.