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The art installation 'EYE' is a quick drive away, and an array of building dating back to the s line the downtown streets of Greenville proper, making it a history buff's paradise. Why Here Distinctly a city of the Lone Star State, Greenville is a place where neighbors call one another by name and the school sporting event stands are always full.

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Taxis are always an option, and while many residents of Greenville apartments choose to own a car or truck, bicycling around town is always in style. With an economy focused upon cotton and other goods, the city expanded at a steady pace, growing to over 12, residents by Road construction in the area is a constant as well, and the 9 to 5 flow can be sluggish.

Whether you are in the market for a comfortable one bedroom unit close to the I onramp, or a lush and spacious three-bedroom layout with onsite parking and swimming pool amenities, odds are good the ideal Greenville apartment is out there waiting to make your acquaintance.

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Interstate 30 is the primary major roadway in the region, leading to Fort Worth and Texarkana, while a number of lesser used roads such as U.

Public parks are in full supply, and the sense of community seems to permeate the very building themselves.

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The city does have a regional runway named Majors Field Airport as well, but planes there are limited to private owned aircraft for the most part.

Conner's Corner is a great place to find truly unique gifts and antiques, while Landon Winery is a must-visit for any Texas fans of the grape.

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The Greenville Christmas Parade is a December affair to remember, and the foot-tapping fun of the Bob Willis Fiddle Festival is sure to bring out scores of music lovers each and every year.

See Details About Greenville Greenville Overview "Located just 40 short miles from the epicenter of Dallas, Greenville is a distinctly Texas city with a charm that harkens back to an age gone by.

Greenville Weather This being Texas, those residing in Greenville rentals can expect summers to be lengthy and hot. For those eager to connect with a true Texas way of life, look no further than an apartment in Greenville.

Greenville Vacation spots Hit the road for the scenic excitement of Amarillo, or head north to the shops and live music of Oklahoma City.

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Getting Around Greenville A public bus system dubbed The Connection services the city and surrounding markets, with Dallas Airport being the nearest true air travel option.

Denton is a fantastic nearby college town, flush with record shops and eclectic restaurants, and the live music mecca of Austin, Texas lies just a few hours to the south.

With a main drag flush with quaint eateries, boutiques and retail stores, Greenville is an idyllic place to call home. The city's close location to Dallas and other larger job markets made it a popular draw as the years went by, and currently Greenville apartments are home to almost 25, people.

Where to move in Greenville Families tend to congregate near neighborhoods like Cash and Dixon, with Ardis Heights offering a slightly more luxurious accommodations. Boasting the slogan ""Rich Heritage, Vibrant Future"", this quaint locale has been bewitching new residents for decades.

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Greenville Festivals Greenville is known for its rotating farmer's markets, and the Cotton Boll Art Fest is a popular yearly event as well. Winters are generally mild, with snow on occasion, and spring and fall tend to be quite pleasant. Commuting in Greenville For those commuting to Dallas, the forty or so miles can see daily traffic snarls and make for a lengthy round trip.

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