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By the time of the Classical Greek culture, in the fifth and fourth centuries BC, the games were restricted to male participants.

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The statue became one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It was from this funeral race held at Olympia that the beginnings of the Olympic Games were inspired. I had heard something about this infamous battle while in Greece and the brave rear-guard action of the allies, particularly on the part of the ANZAC soldiers, against the Germans.

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For this act he was banished by the Cretans. This statue was one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.

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Naturally, during the race, the wax melted and the king fell from his chariot and was killed. The most recent theory traces the origins of the games to large game hunting and related animal ceremonialism.

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Though conflict between the city-states was ubiquitous, it was also in their self-interest to engage in trade, military alliances and cultural interaction.

The result was political intrigue and controversy.

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The Olympic Games were part of the Panhellenic Gamesfour separate games held at two- or four-year intervals, but arranged so that there was at least one set of games every year.

Pelops was proclaimed the winner and married Hippodamia.