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We certainly had a bit of a hard time trying to make out what the characters were saying half the time!! Don't talk to me if you ain't got no reefer, man. Well fuck you too. There was an pu trying to load your rating for this title.

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It declared "Hook Up" to be the absolute worst film the critic had ever seen, and set about quoting some of the supposedly awful lines from the movie. Mattchoo-2 16 January I Loved It!

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Tell her I'ma be butt Got the hook up imdb with a 'Bout It radio sticker sign on my ass. Tell your mama she gotta rub this every Wednesday at 3: Bad Roomies is a dark comedy about two guys living together who, after losing their roommate, put out an ad to find a new one.

But just because you got the money to do a movie, that doesn't mean you got the hook up. But if you are looking to rent a movie, I wouldn't recommend this unless you are big time into Rap Music.

Amanda 16 January A great movie I thought this movie was so weird that it made it great. Simple because the comedian Anthony "AJ" Johnson was naturally funnier than Chris Tucker as smokey because he didn't have to use his trademark or gimmick like Chris Tucker to be funny, such as the bobbin of the head when he puts emphasis on a particular word like "MAN"!

Me and Blue probably gonna save your life. To be fair, although the language was crude and there was a bit of nudity, any sex was more hinted at than displayed, which makes a nice change after Channel 5.

Please reload or try later. Tell her I'ma be asshole naked with some handcuffs and a whip, and a hula skirt.

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He should have hooked up with a real concept and some REAL actors! If you like Master P, you might enjoy this movie. This movie, although kind of crude and rough around the edges represented a great film made by a great man.

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I would rate it 0 out of 10 if possible, but I give it 1 star because of the hilarious glt that O'Halloran born plays a 45 year old dad while Feldman born plays a 25 year old hunk.

Let me put it this way - if I had to choose between this movie and "Pippi Longstocking" -- it would be a toss up It was quite funny in places, particularly the car chase towards the end of the movie when Black is trying to drive a car with the hood stuck up in the air and Blue is out there on the bonnet trying to shut it.

The dates are hoook result of meeting on the Internet. Heheh -- Love to see a "G" rated version of this movie I would love to see a "G" rated version of this movie.

An error has occured. I've seen my share, your share, probably your dad's share too. I'll fuck Carla, but that Bessie looking, bald head ugly bitch? Perfect example, when he was having a exchange with Sheryl Underwood's character in the movie, he said she looked like Wesley Snipes when he did the movie: His movie may not be Oscar material, but I have noticed that people that criticize other people's work tend to not know how to do it any better.

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I've seen more than my share of bad movies.