Online Dating Boundaries and Giving Out Your Telephone Number – Suzie the Single Dating Diva Online Dating Boundaries and Giving Out Your Telephone Number – Suzie the Single Dating Diva

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He caught my eye, smiled and walked near me. And what I learned: Also, talking on the phone can be a huge time saver. The other great thing? When you, the guy, decide to contact a woman online — you already know that you find her attractive enough sexually based on her photo, and you know that you want to meet her.

Even with the fact that you may have to wait for your invite, the wait is well worth it. The biggest hurdle as far as I can see in the whole process is waiting for your invitation.

Ideally, you want to get her to start thinking that you are not like eighty other guys who she met so far. Then he stood next to me but never said hello.

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If she responds saying she's free, ask her if she fancies a coffee. Do you give out your personal information when you meet someone new online?


If someone starts to contact you excessively, blocking them is as easy as selecting the caller, dropping down a context menu and select block.

If she says yes, the next step -- exchanging numbers -- should come naturally. He called the next day. There are countless inappropriate requests that come in, so how do you weed them out?

Test the Waters

Some have even asked for my Facebook account … yup, seriously. Also, with most of the online dating sites having apps, just chatting on the apps works great too. Asking a girl for her number doesn't have to be a big deal.

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He wrote down his name and number on a card. If she doesn't give you her number, give yourself credit for putting yourself out there, and move on to someone else. Ask her what she's up to over the weekend.

Find the good stuff

So, if 3 or 4 emails go by and a phone call is not in the near future, that's a good indication someone isn't getting the hint that the other person isn't really interested.

His approach creeped me out and I hated that I felt pressured to give him my digits. But one thing remains true, for me at least.

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One way or another, you will know where you stand with her. As a general guide, if you have exchanged multiple messages and are getting on well, it's the right time to take the next step. Just me and you all of you.

Get the Timing Right

One of the perks of online dating is that you're not communicating in person or conversing in the traditional way. In real life before computers there were also no prepaid cellphone that could be activated anonymously. We moved in together a month later.