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That is drafting in a nutshell.

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This truly is the cause of the chaotic state of engineering today. They should be in one single file where all information is available without resorting to the convoluted native file system.

I was actively posting about the waste it was to have engineers do form, fit and function design. Many times we carried a young engineer.

Compare and Validation Programs? Manufacturing "has" to deliver or they don't get paid. I am not even sure that CAD is taught in college yet today. This was a standard process that may be composed of many drawings that made up the assembly.

Much of the design was done by a one or a few draftsmen under the supervision of a lead engineer.

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It truly is convoluted documentation. Then the originals were stored in vaults. Today most programs deliver a 3D PDF. They sit in some ivory tower and just think how it should work.

As a senior draftsman you can only laugh at what is being called important today. We now have integrated or 3rd party PLM and PDM data management programs that are managed inside engineering, MBE's complex idiosyncratic requirements, defined by groups outside engineering and 3rd party validation programs that basically compare apples to apples.

Does he have to get to the original part in Catia? We would walk on the job and if we weren't producing in a week we were sent packing, sometimes after travelling thousands of miles. They are trying to minimize the engineering documentation in the form of PMI Product Manufacturing Information delivering what you can only call a 3D drawing.

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The responsible group gets the rejection tag and assigned it to a draftsman. It has always been a rule "Measure twice, Cut once". Sure, the allure of cutting costs is appealing to those that view the world a 'fiscal quarter at a time' - but for those that have committed to a company by way of bonds or other long term commitments - it can be terrifying.

Then the suppliers started calling me telling me that Boeing was not supplying prints any more.

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I will go into this later. What is an ADCN?

From a simple but very complete drawing that takes no special software Gd dating bom view and understand, to requiring incredibly complex CAD programs and viewers just to view the design. Prior to 3D CAD we made drawings. There will be no non-degreed engineers as in the past.

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