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Gay dating sites in saudi arabia, homosexuality in saudi arabia is alive and well.

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This is one place where there are absolutely no gay rights and very few others rights. Homosexuality in Saudi Arabia is alive and well. Men are constantly exposed to other men, and the same goes for women.

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Homophobic individuals have a lot of say and can report you to the police. You should clearly separate your work life from your home life. Unfortunately, it is what it is, and this is the price you will have to pay for working there. Many police raids have recently been conducted especially in Jeddahand some participants have been jailed or lashed.

The most liberal city for gay or lesbian individuals is Jeddah.

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All of these offenses carry lashes and fines. Many of these bars are built in the basement of houses.

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Reinforce the fact you are heterosexual. Be Confrontational This ties in to the point above.

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The punishment for homosexuality in Saudi Arabia is severe: Make sure that the location is indeed safe and discrete. So just as a vast population still does it, so does a big population of gay people co-exist and discreetly live their lifestyle.

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Not only that, the law is on their side. They will ask you about family, children, or relationships. In the case of the mysterious desert kingdom, this cost is your freedom of expression.

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You will be discriminated on at work if you ever reveal that you are gay; you will most certainly get yourself fired.

Being gay and working in Saudi Arabia will afford you a great deal of opportunity, but every opportunity has its cost.

Make sure you know what you will say ahead of time. You absolutely cannot—and I mean cannot—discuss your lifestyle at work or amongst friends.

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Keep your social media out of the picture. An example would be that you were married and divorced, and have no children.

Single heterosexual men face the same problems! Saudi Arabia is the most conservative kingdom in the world.

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Come Prepared Being gay in Saudi Arabia means you should come prepared with any answers people may ask. Whether it be in your workplace or outside, never be confrontational with anyone.

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They cannot be seen with women that are not their wives, they cannot date, they cannot have sex before marriage. Again, remember, there are no gay rights in Saudi Arabia.

If they say something insulting this rarely happenstake it in stride and be kind.