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We still have no idea how Jeff Goldblum made it all the way through without bursting into laughter. This is a comedy show that your dad and possibly even your grandfather watched in his youth.

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Here's my sexy '72 C Now Big Blue transports the family mutts to area parks Gimps can be very resourceful! Some of the references may be dated, but one thing that still rings true: First up, a swanky Chevy from Sacramento's Rich Johnson: Chopped and bagged with cubic inches.

Thankfully I have one truck that can break 20 mpg when I drive it kindly.

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I'll post daily updates starting Monday, and at the conclusion will select the worthiest as Grand Champion Carbonator. Sing along, you know the lyrics: Here's our Ford F1 carbonator, which was recently liberated from years of agricultural Funniest online dating profiles ever on a carbon-guzzling Christmas tree farm.

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Jason Foglia laughs at your car's puny trunk. This is our recently inherited Buick Electra Limited. I'm ready to roll on Mother Earth in any weather on any terrain.

I will atone by 40 self-inflicted lashes of a wet noodle, and by posting a double dose of carbon action - starting with some Poncho-powered gasser madness from Dale Van Zant: We have our own generator, a Honeywell BD gas turbine auxiliary power unit APU that we keep stashed in the tail.

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I submit my wife's Nissan Armada avg. Please submit only those vehicles you personally own, or have stolen. Could any other show keep a jittery public grounded from President Nixon to President Trump, satirize the culture so perfectly from the swinging seventies to the Internet-addicted aughts?

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I know that these aren't the best numbers for giving it to Gaia but it the best we can do. It'll carpool five of your friends in style, with enough trunk space for your Geo.

And the only prescription… is more cowbell.

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If your vehicle was featured in last year's Cruise-In, please wait 'til next year to re-enter. We left off at least two dozen skits that probably deserved to be included. Behold his scrumptious family heirloom Deuce-and-a-Quarter: