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Though they agree to just remain friends and be involved in raising their kids. The Wonder Years ends like this for Kevin and Winnie. It's Played for Laughs in the last episode as they seem on the edge of a Dying Declaration of Love during a plane crash, only to quickly backpedal once they survive Elaine claims she was about to say "I've always loved U Willow and Xander in Buffywhose Unlucky Childhood Friend and Oblivious to Love statuses only give way to romance when they're both in other relationships.

The "Where Are They Now? Create a free website.

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They even kissed when Phyllis came over to visit Alex for Christmas. After a very brief marriage John Sheridan and Elizabeth Locksley realize they have made a horrible mistake and that this trope definitely applies to their relationship.

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In The Santa ClauseScott Calvin and his ex-wife came to terms with their divorce and sharing custody of their son Charlie, as well as Scott being the new Santa Claus. Instead, there are strong hints that they will get back together.

Zeb and Maggie from Robert A. So over fried tofu and mixed vegetables, we each brought our dating problems to the table.

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It seems that they both think they work better divorced. George and Izzie from Grey's Anatomy. Liz even offers advice to Robin when she's having a fight with Don.

This is what Shaggy and Velma decide after they kiss at the end of Scooby-Doo! Fan Works In Gender ConfusionDeidara and his ex-girlfriend are actually friendly enough that she invites him to her wedding.

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They drifted apart when Linda moved out, but they remained friends. We stayed friends, but I hadn't seen him in years. In Frostbite, she eventually agrees Disability dating show date him in an attempt to get over Dimitri but she's never truly attracted to him.

In After Her by Joyce Maynard, Rachel and Patti's mother and father divorced when the two were young children, but their father continued to play an active role in their lives. Inez is also friendly with her other ex-husband, Marvin.

After a book-long Will They or Won't They?

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Feel free to use any of the anecdote, published on our site. Don Eppes and Liz Warner. Cher Degre and Hubb Lebowski of Wolf's Rain get along professionally, though there is definite tension in their relationship, and they split mainly because Cher was so caught up in her work that their relationship suffered.

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It would later become evident that Maris was two inches away from Domestic Abuseand didn't deserve, much less attainthis trope when she and Niles split up.

Harry and Christine in Night Court lampshaded later where, after Christine turns down an invitation from Harry, Harry responds giddily "Isn't it great?

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