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The ultra slim design makes this a perfect for people who live in small spaces, or people who want to add a cooling unit, and do not have a lot of space to allot to the appliance.

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Some of the reviews said that I should be storing the wine bottle with the neck of the bottle facing away from the door.

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We need to support each other as solar pioneers as much as we can as we are few and far between. The temperature controls on this device allow you to easily set the temperature so that your bottled beverages are kept as cold, or warm, as you like them.

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I just want you to have success…Jody Michael July 28, at 3: Rin's death is what would directly motivate Obito into becoming the masked man known as Tobi. Increasing the solar output is a great idea as well as getting a more efficient fridge.

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You have provided no information about your grand undertaking making it impossible for me to answer your questions. If you share an apartment with a roommate and they like red wine, and you like white wine, then you can both store your wine in this chilled environment, and know that you are the only one with access to your fruity beverage.

Your watts of solar should provide about watt hours or.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. You will not have to worry about a child accidentally being exposed to the alcohol content in the bottles of wine, because you will be able to lock the doors, and protect the child, and the wine. I would definitely collaborate with you.

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Jody Graham July 28, at 1: I can't see it being very good, but I don't know. This device has great features that will make life more enjoyable for you.