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In US the common age group that is indulged in wife sharing is 35 to late 50s. Become one of our amazing tour guides!

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Now days wife swapping india is no more an expensive or high class game. This "change" is the main catalyst for swinging. Do you live in a beautiful and interesting place?

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In swingers clubs you have to pay a high price to enter and entry is only for desi couples and females. Discover the world with us! On premises parties are organized by group of desi couples or singles who usually meet through adult dating website.

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Take them to attractions, local dining, clubs and festivals. Who knows, a great trip could be the beginning of a serious relationship! It will be the adventure!


We have not limited Free online dating mumbai members to couples but understand that in the modern culturally integrated society we inhabit all tastes should be catered to.

We are building a global online community that is able to search for the criteria of each individuals needs.

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In almost every state in US, you can find week end swingers parties where you can see a few indian swingers also. This kinky trend is imported from West or e xported to West will be always a topic of debate.

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Many desi couple say' s that swapping is imported from Western society. Our aim is to bring communities together in global sexual harmony whether they are established swinging couples or singles that are looking to expand their sexual horizons.

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Unlike in US there are no swinger clubs in India. You will have someone interesting, fun, and exciting to travel with, and they will take care of the costs.

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Both indian swingers and pakistani swinger fall under one category that is desi couples. In UK, pakistani population is high in number and swinging trend is on the rise. It' s normal human behavior that we can not hold on to one thing for long,and we need a "Change".