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Because they were hard-working and forced to take lower wages the Japanese and Chinese population was considered unfair competition by the unions and the agricultural community.

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The Peace River Lowlandnortheast of the Rocky Mountains, has a different geological base consisting of younger, sedimentary rocks which have been the sources of petroleumnatural gas and coal. These people not only provided labour and management for the growing commercial and service occupations, they were also consumers of goods, services and entertainment.

Employment in this sector has declined over the past several years due to a variety factors, including the collapse of the US housing market after the financial crisis and the negative impact of the mountain pine beetle on interior forests.

Some coastal areas and interior valleys became ice-free about 12,—15, years ago, and since then the coastal lowlands have been rising relative to sea level. Vancouver merchants outfitted prospectors bound for the Klondike Gold Rush in In the early s the amazing feat of building the Cariboo Road along the walls of the Fraser Canyon was accomplished in order to move supplies to interior settlements.

Japanese Canadians also settled in southwestern BC between and CP24 also reran most CityNews programming immediately after it was done airing live. These mountains consist mainly of sedimentary and intrusive rocks of Cretaceous to Both the Interior and Stikine plateaus are about 1, m above sea level.

The first major sympathy strike was in when railway employees struck against the CPR for union recognition. Those groups living in the Subarctic region of the interior generally fished and hunted moose and caribou, while those living in the southern interior had a milder climate.

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Europeans were primarily attracted by mineral resources, notably gold in the central interior and southeast, and also by coal on Vancouver Island, near Nanaimo and Cumberland.

Only three major rivers have cut through the barrier of the Coast Mountains: Despite its hopes, the small town remained mainly a fisheries centre.

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The resulting physical separation of the capital from the majority of the people and economic activity on the mainland later led to communication problems for the region, and many government services and offices had to be duplicated on the mainland.

In the s American settlers began to move into the southern part of this region, and refused to recognize the authority of the British company.

The coniferous trees of coastal British Columbia are the tallest and broadest trees in Canada.

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In this period of worldwide European colonialism, there was no concern among European governments and businessmen that this area was already occupied by Aboriginal peoples.

Conflicting territorial claims were settled in the Oregon Treatywhich established the southern boundary of BC along the 49th parallel, with the exception of Vancouver Island.

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See also British Columbia and Confederation. Its main innovation in television news was to have its reporters play a more participatory role in their stories.