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Date and time on iOS is also localised, as shown by the built-in Calendar application, as well as certain third party apps that have been localized. Plaid Cymru spokeswoman Bethan Jenkins said, "I have concerns about the transition from Meri Huws's role from the Welsh Language Board to the language commissioner, and I will be asking the Welsh government how this will be successfully managed.

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Some schools used the Welsh Nota piece of wood, often bearing the letters "WN", which was hung around the neck of any pupil caught speaking Welsh. Industrial Wales Dowlais Ironworks by George Childs — Penrhyn Slate Quarries, Prior to the British Industrial Revolutionwhich saw a rapid economic expansion between andthere were signs of small-scale industries scattered throughout Wales.

Welsh is also taught in adult education classes. The first was completed in and named Ysgol Syr Hugh Owen.

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I'm a romantic guy that likes to go for meals. Similarly, the Royal Welch Fusiliersa Welsh regiment serving in Bosniaused Welsh for emergency communications that needed to be secure.

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With access to local coal deposits and a harbour that could take advantage of Cornwall's copper mines and the copper deposits being extracted from the largest copper mine in the world at Parys Mountain on Anglesey, Swansea developed into the world's major centre for non-ferrous metal smelting in the 19th century.

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Since the digital switchover was completed in South Wales on 31 MarchS4C Digidol became the main broadcasting channel and fully in Welsh. Got to be a sweet romantic women out there x.

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Cryptography can be used to protect messages, but codes can be broken. Towards the beginning of the 20th century this policy slowly began to change, partly owing to the efforts of Owen Morgan Edwards when he became chief inspector of schools for Wales in Our literature, our arts, our festivals, our great tradition of song all find expression through our language.

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