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Fort worth dating company reviews, make the best choice, every time

You're on hold to date another, you're on vacation, you have not paid your dues or you're now an expired member and they are still using your profile as bait for others.

The Fort Worth Dating Company Reviews -

Helpful 5 people found this review helpful Customer increased Rating by 2 stars! I asked a series of questions. They will feel my wrath!

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This company used to be called Great Expectations. Later, a friend I met told me he dated a Marketing Director that used to or still works there and she confirmed their pricing tactics are indeed predatory.

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Some are even of former employees that quit because they discovered how unethical this company was. They said "they could help me" find a woman like this. So I got home and started to look for others locally.

So I started looking more into the site. They are far and wide! Shows you how deceptive they can be, they will try to MILK you for all they can get from you.

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About 10 days goes by and I get called in for my photo shoot, that took about 3 hours to do. Now it does say on the back, that no refunds are permitted, but I did manage to block the final payment as I used a CC to purchase everything.

You will be scammed and defrauded if you use this service. I saw a few candidates overpriced Sears or Olan Mills quality photos which were not athletes but instead looked like regular guys who got fell into this scam.

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I will try to update how my case turns out when I can Give or take miles maybe. I almost fell off my chair!! A week later they refunded all my money.

What happened?

Jan 22, 2 comments I came in for a "screening interview" in June They gave me their resumes to try to get hired on my job. This company's office in MN has at least a dozen small claims courts filed against them - maybe a lot more.

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Interestingly they never Online dating links a backgroud check on me. I found one possible that I liked, but after 34 days which is over their timeline Fort worth dating company reviews reply she never replied and her profile was never put on "HOLD" either, this company says right on the back on the contract they give you, "You failed to provide a response to another member yes or no your membership is put on inactive as a penalty" - they failed to do that because she was a woman most likely and most know if you don't have woman, the men won't come either.

It was pretty obvious once I learned how to use the site, and looked at the list, they can just as easily jot down profile 's and claim whatever they want for time input.

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So I reviewed the list and there was NOTHING on that list that even remotely interested me - that was another clue they had never read my hand prepared typed initial profile I gave them and it was quite detailed both about me and what I wanted.

They did keep trying to send other referrals, but again, NONE of them were even close to the same ball park I was looking for.