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In the premier issue of Venom Vol. Agent Venom makes his animated debut on Ultimate Spider-Man: However, the serum affects Flash's mind, causing him to go berserk, and Peter now maskless goes to try to bring him down.

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When Peter unmasks himself as Spider-Man, Flash dismisses it as a trick. Due to losing a bet to Peter, he had to be a cheerleader for Halloween but convinced the rest of the football team into also dressing as cheerleaders.

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Spider-Man was framed by Mysterio and Flash boasts about how he is always right. Jameson hires Flash to be Peter's bodyguard, writing off their antagonism as youthful energy. Realizing the consequences of being a hero, he attempts to remove the symbiote with vocal commands i.

In his first noted performance, Flash narrates a battle between a robotic Sentinel and the human Tony Stark. Felicity, on the other hand, is aware of all of this and briefly assumed the Scarlet Spider identity in attempt to partner with Spider-Girl. This subtle reversal of their positions was typical of Lee-Ditko character developments in the title.

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A pep talk from Aunt May and Uncle Ben inspires Peter to do something, using his scientific genius to create a robotic exo-skeleton similar to Doctor Octopus' tentacles and other methods which let him counter Flash's powers and incapacitate him.

Only Peter bears witness to his demise.

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Flash also flirts with Miss Arrowunaware that she is a villain there to attack Peter. Venom is later shown to have been somehow separated from Flash and it finds a new host in Lee Price.

When Peter joins the basketball team, Flash's attitude changes, on account of his tendency towards loyality to his teammates. Peter, who openly states that he would not "trust [Spider-Man] any further than I can throw him", takes some secret pleasure in that Flash supported his alter-ego.

Fantastic to help develop a cure. He leads the resistance after most of the heroes and citizens have been mutated into spider monsters by the Spider Queen. Jonah Jameson Adopted Spider-Man?