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But Mike says that the right testosterone supplement will not only help you build muscle, but also boost your sex drive. Mike brings the research. Achieve your New Year's resolutions by using the strongest muscle in your body: The Client — Coach relationship that we develop is what keeps our clients happy and builds strong bonds of trust, which then allows us to work together to help improve not only their health and fitness, but also their life and wellbeing.

Nine weeks to bigger arms, part 1: Mike busts fitness myths with an update to an earlier column.

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Exercises you haven't done but probably should May 29, Mike recommends five exercises you've probably never done to help add a little variation to your workout routine. Traditional gyms do not provide a supportive and educational environment, and this eventually often leads to people giving up and feeling like a failure!

November 10th, Winter has long had a bad reputation for being the time when we store up those calories, huddle up i [ Mike says stop counting calories and start cutting simple carbs.

September 12, Misinformation is everywhere, including the gym.

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Sex is a cure for many ills and not just blue balls. To get started, call us today and we will book you in for a complementary Success Strategy Session, where we can go over your personal needs and help map out your journey to a new and improved YOU.

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Mike recently updated the article with some new info, so take a look and remember: In the second of this three-part series, Mike explains how Americans are getting bigger and unhealthier all the time, and compares American diets to those in France, Japan and, well, the Stone Age.

Evolution of the Unhealthy American, Part 3: Evolution of the Unhealthy American, Part 2: Mike explains the science behind this extreme state of leanness, and how to achieve Fitness model dating site.

In Part 2, he extols the importance of zinc and maganesium to your body, and warns of using supplements with the "wrong" ingredients. Get in Shape for Summer April 11, Shape up for the beach by reshaping your diet.

Our personal training method is totally back to front.

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