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The Vedas, written about 1, BC, list the names of the gods and the victim most suitable for each one. We can begin to see that the estimates of ritual sacrifices every year are no exaggeration. These do seem to be particularly involved with sacrificing babies.

It is far from impossible that the reptilian arrival on this planet in numbers was far more recent than even many researchers imagine. In the so-called cradle of civilization, North Africa and the Near East, where the Anunnaki and the Watchers were documented, there were human sacrifices, particularly of children.

Thought forms of that scale of malevolence hold down the vibrational frequency and affect human thought and emotion. Other dates for widespread Satanic ritual include every Vegetarian dating nyc Moon because the reflected energy of the Sun is at its most powerful on those occasions.

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Credo Mutwathe Zulu shaman, told me that compared with the Freemason rituals he had seen in the United States and the United Kingdom, the voodoo and black magic of Africa was put in the shade.

They are times in the annual planetary cycle when very powerful energies of various kinds are manifesting on the Earth and the rituals and ceremonies of both a positive and negative nature are performed on these dates.

Baal or Moloch became identified with the Roman god Saturn. Satanism is just another name for the worship of a highly destructive, negative force which has been given endless names over the centuries: Irish myth says that Ireland was first peopled by a greedy group of gods called the Formorians who demanded two thirds of the children born each year.

The prophet Jeremiah talks of the people: Capricorn, the sign of authority, is also, according to astrologers, the astrological sign of England, that centre of global control.

It includes the pentagram in its instructions of how to invoke demons and make sacrifices to demons. It means that this one man ritually sacrificed almost 2, young boys in that period alone.

The planet Saturn rules Capricorn while the Sun rules Leo and Satanists and black magicians Father anthony messeh real dating very much focused on the Sun and Saturn in their rituals. But unless we do, how is it ever going to be stopped? The Brotherhood know that blood contains the life-force energy.

No crime committed for the honour or benefit of the Order was considered to be sinful. They had followed the white race to Mars, she said, and then came to Earth with them.

He has demonstrated that the Templars used the same code, the Atbash Cipher, employed in some of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Satanism perverts everything positive in the same way that the Nazis took a positive symbol, the swastika, and turned it around to symbolize the negative.

The Cannanite-Hebrews were seriously into the sacrifice of humans and animals, much as their spin doctors have tried to deny it over the years. During the day the electrically charged particles of the solar wind cause turbulence in the field and make interdimensional connection more difficult.

Drinking menstrual blood has always been a feature of the reptilian bloodlines because they need blood to live in this dimension. A friend of mine, the British therapist, Vera Diamond, has been working for nearly 20 years with people who have been subjected to Satanic and mind control abuse.

This is more symbolism that only an initiate or a determined researcher would understand. Schonfield is sure there is a link between the Templars and the Essenes and so am I.

In India it was called soma and in Greece it was ambrosia, some researchers suggest. The gods of the mystery schools were invariably connected to human sacrifice and it was these very schools which have, via the now global Brotherhood and Satanism networks, carried the knowledge and the rituals into the present day.

In his book, Magick In Theory And Practicehe explains the reasons for ritual death and why small boys are the best victims: We have seen that the accounts of the Watchers and their offspring, the Nefiliminclude references to their blood drinking activities.

Greek myth symbolically referred to them as children of the union between heaven extraterrestrials and Earth humans. At the death of this animal this energy is liberated suddenly.

Stories throughout the centuries to the present day of the sacrifice of children by Jewish fanatics at the time of the Passover can be seen to have an historical basis when you realize the true meaning of the Passover.

As you connect the different peoples across the generations, so you find the same themes of human sacrifice. Sex during a Satanic ritual or sacrifice, however, explodes the orgasmic energy at a very low frequency because of the intent involved and so the energy of Satanic sex resonates to the reptilian frequency.

The Scythians, the people who transported many of the Aryan bloodlines and rituals into Europe, did the same.