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Played with on the personality axis — the creepy Ephebophile teacher Kimura-sensei is revealed, to his students' amazement, to be married The mother is a tall, svelte, elegant 60s mother type.

I used to think flatulence was something to laugh about.

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You are so fucking funny! Adding to the fishmen and merfolk concept; Keimi and Hachi.

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Doctor Gero also embodies this trope with the reveal in Dragon Ball FighterZ that he was married to Android 21 — Gero was elderly with long gray hair, while 21 is a beautiful young woman.

He stood up and I laid out on some pillows on my bed, telling him to lube me up. What a hunk of meat! She comes home one evening to find that her scrubby, balding plumber has installed an exquisite Kohler faucet in her kitchen.

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In the manga, the incredibly ugly Onigiri proves a huge hit with the ladies in an air trek aerobics program, and has an incredibly attractive and borderline obsessive girlfriend.

Senbei short, fat, and schlubby does manage to win over Midori the beautiful Hot Teacher of the village and he's as surprised as the rest of the cast.

This is what he looks like and what she looks like. Soon after, the main character has a Freak Out!

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Afterwards Papa blames Mama for letting him hold him. Yet she's falling for him regardless.

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Though before he was burned and charred, he wasn't exactly ugly. I gave it him and he told me he would arrive in 10 minutes. What the hell are we going to do with parachutes?

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Their green-haired bombshell of a daughter, Lum, definitely takes after her mother. Dozle Zabi and his wife, Princess Zenna. Minky Momo's mother is much better-looking than her short, pudgy father.

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Nobita's parents are a downplayed version with Tamako is actually very beautiful when she doesn't wear her glass but Nobisuke isn't a gonk either. Peter, is there anything else you want to say?


You march in there right now and Kami only knows what Mr. Justified in that, aside of their looks, the Itagaki parents share very similar personalities and horrible senses of humor.

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His wife was definitely beautiful. Finally Nodoka is just as eccentric, and unpleasant, just in a different way.

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Although I probably pushed things too far when I did the incest episode.