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In the first episode of Season 4, Shredder uses a device to temporarily de-mutate Internet dating for beginners so that they can infiltrate Channel 6, and the two are disgusted at the sight of their original forms.

Played straight in Carter The Enforcer. Virtually unstoppable on occasion, but virtually unstartable the rest of the time, as its heavy fuel requirements and tendency to get stuck in various remote locations make it hard to manage. As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Fortunately the Turtles are able to avert this future by changing the timeline.

Mifflin County, Pennsylvania Founded ; 22 districts. With the local economic downturn some Amish have had to look elsewhere to make a living. Also, Krang's robotic body was able to grow into this until the Ninja Turtles broke the microchip that enabled it to.

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The Shredder was killed in the first issue of the original comic. Shredder is turned into a regular housefly giving Bebop and Rocksteady the chance to boss him around while Michelangelo is transformed into a gerbil. Although he came back a few times, including in the form of a giant, mutant shark.


Adams County, Indiana ; 47 districts. We must have that mutagen ready before the rocket takes off this afternoon! The Arthur settlement is very entrepreneurial, with numerous Amish cabinet shop and furniture businesses scattered around the flat countryside surrounding the small town.

Geauga County, Ohio ; 86 districts.

This Amish settlement located to the north of Fort Wayne is a Swiss-ethnicity community. Big Louie was arrested for robbery, racketeering, and pulling those little tags off of mattresses.

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Holmes County, Ohio ; districts. You don't have to explain it to me; I invented it, remember?

The Shredder constantly abuses and insults Bebop and Rocksteady. Also Rat King gets one in the eighth season. The largest and oldest Amish settlement in Illinois. Shredder belittles and mocks his little brother Kazuo Saki.

This community has featured heavily in recent media examinations of the Amish youth period known as Rumspringa. In the episode where the Turtles are entrusted with the urn of Chakahachi, the urn's owner refers to them as "Turtle-sans".

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A subtle running gag was for Splinter's hot-blooded supposedly Japanese kung-fu noises to actually be the names of famous indigenous Americans. Zach's older brother Walt was a bit mean to him in his earlier appearances, but later softened up.

Baxter Stockman's twin brother Barney Stockman would probably be this if he appeared more than once. Arthur, Illinois ; 27 districts. Inverted in Once Upon A Time Machine, where the future is bright, clean and peaceful, because the Turtles did away with Shredder, Krang and their forces. Beware the Nice Ones: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania ca.

If the spike's top is removed, the entire building will fall over, as the construction of the building is somehow completely dependent on the top of the spike staying in place even though the spike itself more or less resembles an antenna mast sticking out of a flat rooftop.

In "Turtles Of The Jungle", a scientist accidentally enlarges a monkey, then enlarges Don to stop him. Daviess County, Indiana ; 24 districts.

This incarnation of the Ninja Turtles includes examples of:

Kala's pet Grybyx is an adorable creature that can turn into a hideous monster when fed the wrong food. Casey Jones, a rare male example. Spoofed in the episode Super Rocksteady and Mighty Bebop: