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I hate spam as much as you do, therefore I will never sell, rent, or give away your email address. I finally hit my low point in November, I grew up with smart, strong women, and am an advocate for feminism, equality, and proper treatment of women. To get more insights that will challenge and inspire you, click here.

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My agent dropped me. The die was cast. I believe that dating frustration comes from our inability to understand the opposite sex. Because if men are not going to make the effort to understand you, the only thing you can do is make an effort to understand men.

My role is to give you the male perspective on dating and relationships, to let you know how to understand the behaviors of good men, and how to avoid the bad ones. In all relationships, there are tradeoffs and compromises. I believe that most people are good at heart, but act selfishly.

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The decision was made. No matter how unfair, no matter how annoying, and no matter what we say, in years, men are still going to be acting this way.

I think for men, that is something they desperately want to hear. I will say, however, that having gone through the same confusion and frustration as my smart, strong, successful women clients, I have a deep sympathy and respect for them.

Last one for humor. But wait, what made you think you could do this professionally? I will tell you what happens when men are stingy in that area. I believe that dating gets trickier as you get older.

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Compromise means assessing the traits you can and cannot accept in a partner. Dating may be flawed, but it creates more opportunity to meet single men than every other social activity in your life combined.

We have an unusually easy and close relationship. It was useless for me to keep blaming JDate or Los Angeles for my frustrations. If a man really wants to compliment me and show that he finds me interesting and attractive than give me some actions.

I believe that dating is a minefield for both men and women. Someone that has my affection and commitment is going to have that whether they are deemed generally attractive or homely or something else.

Bottom line is, is you are interested, tell us you think we are beautiful.

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This is why I am a proponent of online dating, among other means of meeting men. I believe that both genders are unfair and hypocritical. Soon, I was selling more JDate subscriptions than the rest of the customer care team combined. To this day, my Mom remains a strong, opinionated woman who taught me at a young age about the importance of commitment, compromise and unconditional love.

I believe that once you understand the realities of dating and how men think, you can make informed decisions. I am now finally realizing the difference. If you understand men, you will have an easier time connecting with them.

For many years, I was the poster child for what not to do in love.

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I believe that men and women are equal but different. Get that man a law degree!