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In the European date format however the month and day are the other way around, e. The ordinal was common in the past, and is still sometimes used 4th July or July 4th.

This is now widely recognized as a bad idea, because of the year problem.

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This date format was commonly used alongside the little-endian form in the United Kingdom until the midth century and can be found in both defunct and modern print media such as the London Gazette and The Timesrespectively. For example, "dreiviertel drei" three-quarter three, see table below stands for "three quarters of the third hour have passed".

A big advantage of the ISO "basic format" is that a simple textual sort is equivalent to a sort by date.

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Since portions of the population continued to use the old format, the traditional format was re-introduced as alternative to the standard yyyy-mm-dd format to DIN in and DIN ISO in European dating convention but its usage is restricted to contexts where misinterpretation cannot occur.

This provides a standard that allows important dates to be discussed and means that numerical sorting of dates allows them to be ordered chronologically and applied to various algorithms and automated systems unlike European date format. Naming folders with YYYY-MM-DD at the beginning allows them to be listed in date order when sorting by name - especially useful for organising document libraries.

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Week numbers are prominently printed in calendars and are widely used in the business world. Sunday, November the 9th, and even November the 9th, Sunday, are also possible and readily understood.

Numbers are also written in that order, so the digits of indicate, in order, the millennium, the century within the millennium, the decade within the century, and the year within the decade. European dating convention plain text list of dates with this format can be easily sorted by file managersword processorsspreadsheets and other software tools with built-in sorting functions.

Sunday, November 9, Nov. However, leading zeros were allowed according to machine writing standards if they helped aligning dates.

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In this was changed to the colon in the interest of compatibility with ISO The other variant is relative; this one is also used for multiples of five minutes. Numbers may be written with or without leading zero in Austria or Switzerland, where they are commonly only discarded in days when literal months are being used e.

Gregorian, year-day-month YDM [ edit ] Standards[ edit ] There are several standards that specify date formats: The expanded form of the date e.

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Most Americans will be used to the date format that puts the month before the day. The ISO standard also has the advantage of being language independent and is therefore useful when there may be no language context and a universal application is desired expiration dating on export products, for example.

There are two variants of the hour clock used in spoken German regarding quarterly fractions of the Celebrity dating app raya hour.