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In the islands were occupied by British troops, and by there was a small epidemic of MS in the islands. It is known to affect the lining of blood vessels and in particular, veins. Dr Maryanne Demasi Why, why are neurologists turning their back on this? Dr David Wheldon The clinical trials are not there.

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But he also believes that narrowed veins are caused by a chronic infection, and like David Wheldon, his focus is on Chlamydia Pneumoniae.

So what does he attribute this miraculous improvement to? Narration So as the debate rages on, what hope is there for MS sufferers? But we just can't put our finger on it.

Narration If you want epidemiological proof that MS is caused by an infection, you only have to look at the isolated population on the Faroe Islands.

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Vicki Robinson Oh, some patients for some reason just do better than others, and I just happened to be one of those, perhaps. Narration But clinical trials to obtain solid science requires funding, and getting it is virtually impossible.

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It is known to involve the nervous system, is able to cause immune effects. Dr Paul Thibault Some other factor, like it could be low vitamin D levels, or genetic predisposition, makes them develop the secondary or persistent form of the disease, which affects the neurological tissues and the veins.

So it fits all the features that we actually see in the symptomatology of MS.

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Dr Paul Thibault The problem is that the antibiotics used have been around for many, many years. Narration It may be too early to tell if we stand before a cure for MS, but if we do, these men will be remembered as the pioneers.

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Dr Paul Thibault I think the neurologists have gone down this track for many years and they would have trouble admitting that they may have gone the wrong way. Dr Thibault agrees with Zamboni that MS is a vascular condition. Narration But despite the anecdotal evidence, Dr Heard warns that responsible treatment is all about evidence-based medicine.

Narration Dr Thibault has decided to put Vicki on antibiotics to see if she makes further progress. And therefore they continue on with the same line of thought.