Sugar Molecule: Structure & Formula - Video & Lesson Transcript | Sugar Molecule: Structure & Formula - Video & Lesson Transcript |

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In Chemistry, Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction with water, in which a macromolecule is separated into smaller molecules. Calculate the density or specific gravity of a substance and use the density or specific gravity to calculate the mass or volume of a substance. Chromosomes DNA strands in cells are very long and thin and are curled into structures called chromosomes.

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This produces the slippery consistency of mucous secretions and synovial fluid. Foods, having complex molecules are broken down into simple molecules.

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Draw the complete and the condensed structural formula for an alkane. Describe the solution process for electrolytes and nonelectrolytes in water.

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Monosaccharides The monosaccharides are the simplest saccharides because they cannot be broken down into smaller sugars. Select the true statements regarding ions, electrolytes, and free radicals.

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Over many generations, the passing on of some traits, while failing to pass on others, can lead to the evolution of a species. Describe the role of buffers in maintaining the pH of a solution.

Glucuronate or Iduronate The acidic sugars contain carboxyl groups that are negatively charged at physiological pH, figure-2 and together with the sulfate groups, give glycosaminoglycans their strongly negative nature.

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L-Iduronic acid and D- Glucosamine with variable amounts of Glucuronic acid. Give the name for a cycloalkane and draw the condensed structural and geometric formulas.

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Make sure you are also familiar with this additional vocabulary: Chemical quantities and reactions 1. It gives instructions for synthesizing all of the body's proteins. Dietary increases of antioxidants have been associated with increased incidence of heart attacks.

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When energy is needed for biosynthesis, ATP is hydrolyzed and stored energy is released for utilization. Humans get most of the macromolecules they need from their food and are able to synthesize some proteins from combinations of other macromolecules.

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When we eat food, it is digested or broken down into substances so the body can absorb it and convert it to energy. Alcohols, phenols, ethers, aldehydes and ketones 1. The law of dominance: